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Why Renting a Villa in The Inland of Dalmatia is a Good Idea

Why Renting a Villa in The Inland of Dalmatia is a Good Idea

Do you want to spend your luxury holiday in Croatia in a beautiful villa on the seafront or do you prefer enjoying your vacation away from the crowds? Whichever team you belong to, we are here to present to you the advantages of staying in the inland of Dalmatia which will certainly be handy when you are looking to rent your next accommodation, be it in the pre-season, at the peak of the season or in the post-season.

Only half an hour’s drive from the Adriatic coast will lead you to the inland of Dalmatia or to the Dalmatian hinterland. This area is still unexplored which means the nature is fairly untouched, but still maintained. The Dalmatian hinterland is separated from the coast by the mountain range Kozjak – Mosor – Omiska Dinara – Biokovo – Rilic. Rich in history and cultural heritage and offering various attractions, Zagora has become the perfect tourist destination all year round.

Dalmatia Inland - Adriatic Luxury Villas

The vast hinterland which leaves one breathless

The Dalmatian inland will leave you speechless if you head to its peaks which offer a spectacular view of the picturesque hills and mountains, as well as the archipelagos and the sea which engulfs them. If you are not keen on climbing the peaks, the foot of the mountain range hides attractive localities and natural scenery where relaxation is guaranteed.

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to take a walk along the scenery of the popular Game of Thrones series? Experience the enchanting landscape of Zrnovnica, the greenery of the Biokovo Nature Park or climb one of the most beautiful fortifications in Croatia, The Klis Fortress, which is one of the main sites of this television spectacle that deservedly launched Central Dalmatian among the world’s most beautiful destinations.

Nature beauties do not stop here but stretch along national parks and nature parks with fairytale waterfalls and incredibly green lakes in which you can go for a swim. Sail further through the untouched emerald canyon of the river Cetina surrounded by rich protected nature that preserved important historical and archeological sites, as well as many endemic plants and rare animal species. Furthermore, reach the picturesque spring by a kayak if you feel adventurous enough or make unforgettable memories by riding on the most attractive Croatian zipline over the Cetina canyon.

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Dalmatian culture and the local population

From the first mention in the Middle Ages, folklore and Hasanaginica to Sinjska alka, this area is full of culture. Visit the Neolithic caves, the Roman remains of significant historical fortresses throughout the hinterland, the Stecak tombstones, the well preserved churches and stone towns, which are silent witnesses to the turbulent past of this area. Look for the 600-year-old wooden but functional mills where life has been pretty much the same from the 15th century.

You will experience the local world best by getting to know the traditional customs that have been cherished for generations and have been recognized and place under protection by UNESCO. We are talking about the Klapa singing, the traditional and very unique dance called “Nijemo kolo”, which is performed without music, and Ojkanje which is the oldest type of singing in Croatia. In Sinj, you will meet the last European knights who have been running the Sinj Alka for 300 years.

The fertile soil of the Dalmatian hinterland is suitable for viticulture and olive growing, so here you will be greeted by a glass of the best wines of the indigenous variety Pinot, Trnjak or Plavac Mali, while having the opportunity to spice up traditional specialties with high-quality golden oil of gently picked olives. Taste buds are particularly active on holiday which is why they will appreciate specialties rich in Mediterranean flavors. You will never make a bad choice if you get a recommendation of the locals.

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An elegant accommodation for a complete experience

After a long day spent in nature, more than anything, you will want to get home to a comfortable accommodation. Therefore, we have carefully selected highly equipped villas for a complete vacation experience.

Villas in the hinterland of Dalmatia are in an ideal position as they are close enough to the sea, while at the same time providing privacy and intimacy with a beautiful view of the authentic landscape.

Villa Radalj - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Private villas are usually located on private estates, isolated from the everyday hustle and bustle so that you can spend your time in the company you desire the most. Choose between a modern holiday home with top luxury facilities such as a sauna, a children playground, a gym and a Jacuzzi or in a rustic holiday property with a stunning pool in the middle of nature and with a tavern for socializing until the late hours of the night with some of the best wines Dalmatia has to offer.

Villa Furesta - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Our most beautiful luxury villas in the Dalmatian hinterland

Now that we have described all the reasons why you should consider spending your holiday in the Dalmatian hinterland, we want to present to you some of our most gorgeous luxury villas located in this area so that your dream holiday can become a reality with just a few clicks. Of course, this is just a small portion of what we have to offer. Our selection of luxury villas in Croatia covers the entire coast of Croatia starting from beautiful holiday homes with a private swimming pool in Istria to gorgeous luxury villas in Dalmatia

Villa Mandalina in Donji Prolozac (the Split-Dalmatian County)

Villa Mandalina is the perfect example of a beautiful modern villa located in the countryside of Dalmatia that offers so many amenities, it can almost be classified as an amusement park. Here, you will find a stunning 51 m2 swimming pool, a children playground, a tennis court, a mini-golf course, a course for playing boules, darts, bicycles, table football, table tennis, a billiard table and much more. Villa Mandalina can accommodate 8 guests in four stylish bedrooms, making the villa the ideal choice for a family vacation in the Dalmatian inland.

Villa Mandalina - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Villa Grandfather’s House in Stankovci (in the Zadar County)

If modern is not what you are looking for this holiday in Croatia, Villa Grandfather’s House might be an option to consider. As the name suggest, Villa Grandfather’s House is an authentic rural Dalmatian house located right in the midst of olive groves with a beautiful garden full of home-grown fruits and vegetables. This pet-friendly villa features a 32 m2 swimming pool and a children playground and has the capacity to accommodate up to 10 guests.

Villa Grandfather's House - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Villa Krasa in the Sibenik-Knin County

The pet-friendly Villa Krasa can be described as a true rustic beauty where guests will get a taste of how locals live in this mountainous part of Dalmatia. This stone villa can accommodate 8 guests who will be able to cool off in the 28 m2 swimming pool nestled in the shades of the olive trees far away from any neighbors for a completely private holiday experience.

Villa Krasa - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Villa Roglic near Makarska

Hugged by the Biokovo mountains is the Villa Roglic where eight guests will have the chance to enjoy every day on the hammock next to the pool while breathing in the crisp air of the mountains. Take the chance to enjoy your privacy, while being in the vicinity of the beautiful Makarska Riviera with some of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia.

Villa Roglic - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Villa Zupa near Makarska

A similar experience can be acquired in the charming Villa Zupa for eight guests. In addition to having the option of diving into the 25 m2 swimming pool with a view of the mighty Biokovo mountains, guests will have bicycles at their disposal perfect for the exploration of the gorgeous surroundings, as well as a tavern ideal for socialization for the whole family.

Villa Zupa - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Villa Radalj in the Split-Dalmatian County

Villa Radalj is another rustic luxury villa made of stone which offers a variety of fun entertainment options for six people. The feature which makes Villa Radalj different from all other villas on this list is the 24 m2 heated swimming pool which makes it possible to enjoy the pool even during the pre-season in spring and the post-season in fall.

Villa Radalj - Adriatic Luxury Villas

A special advantage of this rural tourism destination is the relatively short distance from the Split Airport and major coastal tourist centers such as Split and Sibenik. So there is no reason not to visit it and fully experience the Mediterranean.

Holiday on the coast at the peak of the tourist season sometimes do not turn out to be a vacation in the true sense of the word due to the constant crowds and noise. Therefore, if you are looking for a more intimate place to spend time with your loved ones, head to the mountainous hinterland of Dalmatia, a destination of unexplored beauty. Allow this unique nature to overwhelm you, relieve stress and fill you with energy. The elegance of your luxury villa will only complete your experience of the unique nature of the Dalmatian hinterland.

Our selection of luxury villas in Croatia has something for everyone. For all additional questions, feel free to contact us! We are always at your disposal.