Adventurous Water Parks in Croatia - Ultimate Family Vacation

Adventurous Water Parks in Croatia

Adventurous Water Parks in Croatia

A day full of excitement and adventure combined with a dip into the cool water is what makes summer temperatures much more enjoyable and that's why there are so many water parks in Europe. A day at a water park in Croatia while on vacation sounds like great fun. Find all the basic information on the many Croatian water parks and plan your perfect day full of action.

Chilling on a beach is a top activity while enjoying your relaxing holiday in Croatia but sometimes it is good to mix things up and get a more varied experience of Croatia. If you are keen on stepping out of your comfort zone, then a day trip to a water park might interest you as it is a great activity to create unforgettable memories and is there a better way to relax afterward than chilling in one of our family-friendly villas in Croatia? We don't think so. Explore Croatian water parks that offer numerous water facilities, many water attractions, and fun slides that bring water fun to the next level. Lean back and immerse yourself in this blog about attractive water worlds in the water parks in Croatia.

Water Parks in Croatia - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Unforgettable Experience in the Water Parks in Croatia

When you hear the word water park, you likely imagine a large swimming pool with numerous pools, countless slides, waterfalls, and other special features and attractions such as wellness areas. Such water parks usually have themed worlds and creative landscapes and, luckily, there are quite a few of them in Croatia, so let's explore the largest Croatian water parks. 

Pure Family Fun in the Aquacolors Water Park in Poreč

One of the best water parks in Croatia, the Aquacolors Poreč, found its home near the picturesque town of Poreč so take your time and explore Istria, the magical Croatian peninsula. In this water park, you will find everything your heart desires: a so-called lazy rives, countless slides for young and old, a pool area of around 7000 m2 including a wave pool and a crocodile bay, green lawns to relax, and a bar in the middle of the pool where you can cool off with a refreshing cocktail.

Water Park Aquacolors in Porec Croatia - Adriatic Luxury Villas

All of your special moments at the Aquacolors Poreč can be immortalized with a photo taken in the water park. In order to avoid long waiting times at the entrance, we highly recommend buying your ticket online. The water park opens its doors from May to the end of August and ticket prices differ depending on whether you buy a day ticket, a ticket for six hours or a ticket for 3.5 hours. There are discounts for students, families, and seniors.

When Swimming Becomes an Adventure: Istralandia Water Park near Novigrad

Another incredible water park in on this peninsula is Istralandia Park located near Novigrad. The Istralandia Water Park has a lot of fun activities so it's an ideal place for an ultimate family vacation, but also for those who reaaally like adventure. There are many activities to do in Istria in general, and visiting this water park should be one of them. You can relax in the huge pool area of the water park and enjoy a hydromassage or slide down one of the countless slides. If you dare, go on the Black Kamikaza, a slide that is all about the speed, or the Space Combo for a trip into space. 

Water Park Istralandia near Novigrad in Croatia - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Your children will have a safe place to play in the separate pool area. Certain days in this Istrian park are characterized by exciting events while the gastronomic offer of the restaurants in the park will satisfy your cravings every day. Aquapark Istralandia opens its doors from mid-June to mid-September. Tickets can be bought online and the prices differ depending on whether you want to purchase a day or a half-day ticket. Tickets for children, especially small ones, include discounts as well as those for seniors.

Cool Off in the Aquapark Dalmatia Šibenik

Let’s head over to the first water park in Dalmatia located in Šibenik which is a synonym for amusement. Besides many attractions and activities in Šibenik, one of the best water parks in Dalmatia, The Aquapark Dalmatia, is also at your disposal at any moment. It is a part of Amadria Park and is packed with various attractions while the highlight surely is the water castle, on which there is a large barrel filled with water for a surprise cool-off. The lazy river is ideal for relaxing and drifting away while our little vacationers can have all the fun they want in the kids’ zone.

Aquapark Dalmatia in Sibenik Croatia - Adriatic Luxury Villas

The park offers the Splash Bar which will satisfy your hunger between the fun and the shop which will make sure you have a memento of your visit in the form of a souvenir. Dalmatia Aquapark entrance fee differs depending on the month and whether you are a guest of the resort or not. Entrance for small children is free. All the tickets are all-day tickets and the water park’s volleyball court is also included in the entrance fee.

Blue Water Fun in the Aquapark Čikat on the Island of Lošinj

Experience pure adventure in the Čikat Aquapark on the Croatian island of Lošinj. The water park belongs to the campsite of the same name and is surrounded by dense pine forest, so it's a real attraction for camp visitors. There is something for everyone in the Aqua Park Čikat: a large pool area with hydromassage and jets, a water castle for the youngest visitors and natural slides! The whole water park shines in white and blue tones, thus creating an underwater ambiance full of water attractions for all ages.

The Aquapark Čikat is divided into three zones: health, relaxation, and fun. This is the reason why everyone will find the perfect activity for themselves here. Access to sun loungers is also at your disposal as well as a bar in the outdoor pool so this Cikat waterpark is a perfect place if you are looking to relax while your children are having fun on a thrilling water slide.

Croatia´s Unique Water Parks

The water parks in Croatia introduced thus far are likely to resemble the well-known image you associate with the word. However, Croatia also has some pretty unique ones to offer. There are water parks right on the beach in the sea in the form of obstacle courses. Such inflatable water parks can be found on numerous beaches along the coast and guarantee fun for young and old so after enjoying the park, take your mask and explore the underwater by snorkeling in Croatia

Obstacle Course in the Sea in Croatia - Adriatic Luxury Villas

The Obstacles of the Bol Aquapark on the Island of Brac

Aquapark Bol is located on the island of Brac in Dalmatia in front of the famous beach Golden Horn (Cro.: Zlatni Rat) which is a world-famous attraction. It is a huge obstacle course in the sea, on which you have to put your athletic skills to the test. There are certain rules to be followed for safety reasons, but there are no limits to the fun. The prices for the water park differ depending on the duration. If you want to have fun all day long, day tickets are available. Therefore, have a fulfilling time on the watercourse in Bol or visit some of the nearby beach clubs to relax under the umbrella while the younger ones are enjoying this specific water park!

Aquapark Bol on the Island of Brac in Croatia - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Shaky Fun on the Sea at Aquapark Rabac

Our next stop takes us back to Istria, more precisely to Rabac, as there is a watercourse similar to the one on the island of Brac. The principle is the same: floating elements on the sea, which are connected by different obstacles and which you have to overcome. There is also a trampoline at Aquapark Rabac. That's right, a trampoline on the sea. If the waves are good, jumping becomes a special challenge and, above all, a fun experience for everyone.

Croatia indeed offers a range variety of pools and water amusement parks. No matter if you prefer a nozzle, a raft, a waterfall or simply a spa area, you will find something for yourself because Croatia offers the best places. Aqua parks in Croatia are an exciting alternative to a simple day at the beach, but there are also some in the inland of Croatia, for example, aqua park Adamovec in the capital city of Zagreb, so there is always an opportunity to experience a little adventure somewhere.

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Thank you for reading & have fun in the cool water! 😊