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List of Things to Do in Sibenik

List of Things to Do in Sibenik

Do you fancy a holiday full of Croatia's cultural history, fascinating nature, entertainment and pure relaxation on beautiful beaches? Let yourself be inspired for a holiday in Sibenik, discover the numerous activities around Sibenik and create unforgettable memories for yourself.

The Croatian coastal city of Sibenik in Dalmatia, known for its numerous beautiful national parks, amazing fortresses and popular islands, is a true jewel of the Croatian Adriatic coast. Its central location between the well-known holiday destinations of Zadar, Split, Vodice and Trogir makes the city extremely attractive for a stopover during your trip along the coast of the Adriatic Sea or as a vacation spot for a longer stay characterized by various activities, excursions and tours. Have I piqued your interest? Experience Sibenik yourself and discover all the fun things you can do in this beautiful city.

View from the Fortress on Sibenik - Šibenik in Croatia has an interesting history and is weaarth to travel to.
View of Šibenik from the Fortress of St. Mihovil

In addition to an almost limitless range of best activities in Sibenik, the nearby cities of Zadar, Split, Vodice and Trogir offer a wide range of excursions, tours and activities as well, and are, therefore, worthwhile destinations for a one-day trip from Sibenik during your luxury holiday in Croatia. And the best part is that the airport of Trogir is not far away!

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View on the Cathedral of Sibenik - Šibenik, croatia hast the best site you should visit. Here you can learn about the history.
View - Šibenik 

Historical and cultural heritage of Sibenik

Visit the breathtaking Old Town of Sibenik, characterized by small winding stone streets which emphasis the Mediterranean ambience of the city. Let yourself be enchanted by the thousand-year-old history of this city and tour the numerous sights and sacred buildings made of marble stone.

Old Town Sibenik - Adriatic Luxury Villas on this site you can see all places wearth to visit and travel to.
A view of the city of Šibenik

Old Town Sibenik

The Old Town of Sibenik stands high on a hill and is known as The city of Stairs due to its 2800 stairs. Hidden in the delightful alleys of the Old Town are various local boutiques and cafes that give the city of Sibenik a bit of extra oomph. Having been firstly mentioned in a document in 1066, Sibenik is considered to be the oldest city in Croatia, which is why there are numerous noteworthy historical monuments, such as the St. Lawrence Church and Monastery, the Church of St. Nicholas and the Church of the Holy Spirit, which are definitely worth a visit if you are interested in discovering the intricate history of Croatia.

Old Town of Sibenik - Best croatian city with interesting history.
The stone houses in the old town of Šibenik

Cathedral of St. James

The car-free Old Town Sibenik offers numerous gorgeous sights such as the best landmark of the city, the Cathedral of St. James, which had been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The famous cathedral was built from limestone and marble from 1431 to 1535 and is known for its precisely crafted details and magnificent sculptures on the outer façade. According to a legend, even the local construction workers of the cathedral are said to have immortalized themselves in these sculptures. The cathedral of Sibenik is certainly impressive with its 32 m high dome, making it the largest church in the world made entirely of stone.

Cathedrale of St. James in Sibenik - Šibenik is a citiy in europe.
The Cathedral of St. James - Šibenik

The Republic Square

The east of the cathedral is occupied by the Republic Square, also known as the Domplatz due to its close proximity to the cathedral. The square is surrounded by the magnificent facades of the surrounding buildings, such as the famous Sibenik City Hall. On the square, there is a statue of the builder of the Cathedral of St. James – Juraj Dalmatinac.

Republic Square in Sibenik - the city of Šibenik you can find on the list of the best places in world wearth to visit and travel to.
Republic Square in Šibenik

The famous fortresses of Sibenik

Shaped by its eventful history and the conquest of the Venetians, Sibenik is known for its four fortresses, which were built by the Venetians to fend off the attacks of the Turks. These fortresses still bear witness to the importance of this Dalmatian coastal city for the Venetians.  One of the fortresses, the fortress of St. Michael, dates from the 11th century, while those of St. Nicholas, St. John and the fortress Baron date from the 16th and 17th centuries. The fortresses often serve as venues for numerous cultural events, especially in the summer months.

Fortress St. Michael in Sibenik - Adriatic Luxury Villas
Fascinating fortress in Šibenik

Due to their location on a hill, the fortress of St. Michael, the fortress of St. John and the fortress Baron offer a truly incomparable spectacle of sun rays as they slowly hide themselves behind the islands, decorating the sky with incredible colors, as the day comes to an end. Just seeing this light spectacle makes the decision to travel to Sibenik worthwhile!

Fortress Barone in Sibenik - Adriatic Luxury Villas
Fortress Baron in Šibenik with a view

The fortress of St. Nicholas is located on the island of Ljuljevac and stands out with its shape that resembles an arrowhead. The fortress has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2017, which made Sibenik one of the five best cities that are adorned with two UNESCO monuments. The fortress served as a defense against sea attacks and its imposing shape was supposed to deter possible attackers.

Fortress of St. Nicholas in Sibenik - Adriatic Luxury Villas
Die Festung des St. Nikolaus - Šibenik 

Breathtaking nature sights in the Sibenik region

Our blog on things to do in Sibenik would be incomplete without a brief description of all the nature wonders you can tour during your travel. Sibenik and the Sibenik-Knin County are known for their untouched nature, of which some areas were proclaimed national parks while others were awarded the title of a nature parks. Immerse yourself in a world full of waterfalls on the Krka River, pristine islands and incredible Mediterranean vegetation. For all nature lovers, we have some ideas which will help you make your trip to the parks of Dalmatia an eventful experience.

Nature Park Vrana Lake

Not far from Sibenik in a northerly direction is the Nature Park Vrana Lake, the largest lake in Croatia. This marshland is the only one in Croatia that is located directly on the Mediterranean coast and is home to numerous endangered bird species.

Nature Park Vrana Lake - Adriatic Luxury Villas
Nature Park Vrana Lake - Šibenik

Nature Park Dinara

In the Dalmatian hinterland close to the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina is the Nature Park Dinara, the highest mountain in Croatia. Dinara is characterized by its variety of natural habitats and biodiversity and is, therefore, of great importance to Croatia.

Nature Park Dinara - Adriatic Luxury Villas
Dinara Nature Park near Šibenik

National Park Krka

The National Park Krka is definitely one of the most famous sights of nature in Croatia. Here, the beauty of nature shows itself in full splendor! The course of the Krka River stretches from the town of Knin all the way to Skradin in the vicinity of Sibenik. From there, the National Park Krka can be easily reached by boat. Most of the course of the river Krka is under protection and will make sure to take your breath away with its spectacular waterfalls. The most famous waterfalls are called Skradinsku buk and Roski slap, which are a must during your trip. Listen to the sounds of the Krka River while undertaking a tour of the park and its majestic waterfalls and simultaneously discover cultural and historic sights of Dalmatia such as the Franciscan monastery on the small island of Visovac and other ruins of old mills which function as ethnographic museums you can only marvel. Enjoy the emerald green waters of the Krka River during your travel by boat to the National Park Krka and let the breathtaking natural beauty take its effect on you.

National Park Krka - Adriatic Luxury Villas
Krka National Park near Šibenik

National Park Kornati

If you are more drawn to the sea, you have the option to travel by boat to the National Park Kornati. This archipelago, consisting of 89 uninhabited islands, is located south of the island of Dugi Otok and extends over an area of 217 m2. This labyrinth of Kornati islands, cliffs and reefs is the best destination for all nature lovers and boaters. The largest island of Kornati is the main island of Kornat. The fantastically shaped cliffs and islands of the national park rise like crowns from the sea and show themselves as an incomparable natural splendor. Let yourself be carried away into an island world surrounded by crystal blue water and enjoy the tranquility of unspoiled nature in the middle of the Croatian Adriatic Sea!

National Park Kornati - Adriatic Luxury Villas
Kornati National Park

Beaches in Sibenik: Let your mind wander

Leave the stress of everyday life behind and let your thoughts wader on the beach. Surrounded by crystal clear water, a wonderful ambience and under the Croatian sun, we will show you where your holiday actually starts!

City Beach Banj

Imagine a day on the beach with a view of the Old Town of Sibenik. If you visit the city beach Banj, you do not have to imagine it! Banj is not far away from the city center and is easily reached by foot along the Riviera. It consists of white pebbles, making Banj particularly suitable for families with children and offers its visitors numerous sports and leisure activities on water and land. Furthermore, the blue flag flattering in the wind symbolizes the high quality of the sea.

Beach Banj in Sibenik - Adriatic Luxury Villas
Sandy beach Banj - Šibenik

Jadrija Beach

At the end of the St. Anton canal near Sibenik is Beach Jadrija, a popular beach among the residents of Sibenik which can be reached by a taxi boat or by car. Known for its colorful changing rooms, this beach also offers some leisure activities and concrete sunbathing areas.

Beach Jadrija near Sibenik - Adriatic Luxury Villas
Beach Jadrija - Šibenik

Beach Rezaliste

Rezaliste is located in the small seaside resort of Brodarica, about 6 km from Sibenik. This pebble beach is particularly suitable for families with children, but also offers a wide range of leisure activities and equipment for sports lovers. After countless waterways and sporting activities, you can refresh yourself in the surrounding bar and enjoy a cool drink right.

Entertainment options in Sibenik

Are you an animal lover? Would you like to discover the fascinating fauna of Croatia after a relaxing day on the beach? Or did you have enough of relaxation and would like to bump up your levels of adrenaline? Well Sibenik has things to do for all kinds of travelers.

Animal excursion

Sibenik abounds in day trip destination for all the animal lovers among you, such as the aquarium. Here you can experience the sea and the underwater world with all its inhabitants in the best way possible and amaze your kids. The aquarium is located in the Old Town in the immediate vicinity of the Cathedral of St. James in a typical Dalmatian stone house. In around 20 aquariums you can marvel at different Mediterranean and tropical fish and buy small souvenirs, mostly made by local artists, in the souvenir shop to help you remember your unforgettable excursion.

Aquarium in Sibenik - Adriatic Luxury Villas
Aquarium Šibenik 

For those who love wild animals, a visit to the falconry is recommended, which is around 8 km away from Sibenik. The falconry not only houses falcons and other birds of prey, but also takes in injured animals and accompanies them on their way to rehabilitation. All year round, visitors of the falconry can watch animals in their natural habitat and the very brave ones among you can get up close and personal and pet or feed the birds of prey.

Falconry in Sibenik - Adriatic Luxury Villas
Eagle in the Šibenik zoo

Aquapark Dalmatia

The thalassophile among you shouldn´t miss a visit to the Aquapark Dalmatia. This aquapark offers the best fun for everyone with its countless slides. Immerse yourself in the world of waterfall fortresses, discover the water landscape of the aqapark and test the speed of the water slides in the park. Let yourself drift in the Lazy River and relax in the sunbathing area under the Croatian summer sun. After exciting water activities, you can quench your hunger and thirst with the gastronomic offer. Aquapark Dalmatia offers fun and relaxation in one place.

Aquapark Dalmatia in Sibenik - Adriatic Luxury Villas
Aquapark in Šibenik 

Bungee jumping from the Sibenik bridge

If you want to fill your holiday with a variety of action-packed experiences and test your limits, you can do a bungee jump. On the Sibenik bridge, there is a platform at a height of 40 m, which leads straight down to the sea. After the jump, you´ll be pulled back up and enjoy the experience even more.

Bumgee Jumping from Sibenik Bridge - Adriatic Luxury Villas
Bunjee-Jumping Šibenik 

Zipline in Sibenik

If bungee jumping does not satisfy your craving for an adrenalin rush, there are other activities fitted for all adrenaline junkies so that they get their money´s worth. The gorgeous landscape around the Cikola river offers an unforgettable panorama while the 1.4 km zipline guarantees fun. You can glide over the breathtaking landscape at a height of 30 to 120 m, so that you can enjoy the view and feel the tingling sensation in your fingers.

Nightlife in Sibenik

Once the day comes to and end and the night makes its appearance, the night owls among you can head to the many bars and clubs of Sibenik to end your day with a refreshing cocktail and invigorating music.

In addition to numerous popular clubs and bars in Sibenik, such as the Inside Night Club, the Azimut Club and the Vintage Bar, a detour to the nearby town of Vodice is in order. The small seaside resort is best known for its wild night life and many clubs for all kinds of party-goers.

Hacienda Night Club in Vodice - Adriatic Luxury Villas
 Nightclub Hacienda 

If you are more of a festival lover, you should definitely travel to the island of Murter where many summer music festivals of Croatia take place. Tisno is a must for all electronic music lovers as all throughout July and August numerous festivals take place in the seaside resort with the best breathtaking panoramas of the sea in the area. Pay a visit to the Garden Resort in Tisno and let the sound of music of well-known and talented DJs and artists guide you to the most amazing night of your life.

I hope that this little guide to having an amazing luxury holiday in Sibenik has introduced some out-of-the-box things to do when in Sibenik. If you have decided to travel to this historic city this summer, you probably need a beautiful accommodation and we can help you with that! Check out our wide assortment of luxury villas in Sibenik where you are bound to find the holiday home with a private swimming pool of your dreams.

Villa in Sibenik Region - Adriatic Luxury Villas
Luxury villas in Šibenik

Adriatic Luxury Villas is always at your disposal if you happen to have more questions or need help finding your dream villa in Croatia. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us.