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Fantastic Underwater World: Snorkeling in Croatia

Fantastic Underwater World: Snorkeling in Croatia

Experience a new side of Croatia by discovering its incredible underwater world by snorkeling in the Adriatic Sea. Read this blog and find out everything you need to know about snorkeling in Croatia.

The coast of Croatia is known for its beautiful beaches, bays and countless of islands, as well as its magnificent landscape above and below the water surface. Therefore, Croatia is a very popular destination for all divers, boaters and snorkelers, since the entire Adriatic Sea has countless places that are perfect for a small dive. Therefore, read this blog and get an insight into the underwater spectacle known as the Croatian Adriatic Sea.

What You Should Know Before Snorkeling in Croatia

I probably don’t have to mention that you need snorkeling equipment before going snorkeling. Therefore, using a diving mask and snorkel which fit well so that no salt water can get in is a must. Furthermore, the fins should also fit well so that you can easily move underwater. Don’t forget that you are mostly on the water surface where it is very easy to get sunburned which is why a waterproof sunscreen or a simple T-shirt as sun protection are highly recommended for use.

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What is more, make sure that your mask is clean so that you have a clear underwater view. The best time to go snorkeling is in the morning or early afternoon hours as the water is the cleanest during those parts of the day. All along the coast of Croatia you will have numerous places for snorkeling and each will offer you a fantastic glimpse of the underwater world which you will certainly not forget soon.

Discover the Stony Coast of Istria

The coast of Croatia is extremely diverse with the northern part, the coast of the Istrian peninsula, being characterized by rocks and stones. Such a coast is a pure paradise for every snorkeling enthusiast because you can marvel at the astonishing underwater sights hidden between the rocks and stones.

The Underwater Beauties of Cape Kamenjak in Istria

At the southern tip of Istria, not far from the holiday resort Premantura, is Cape Kamenjak, a fascinating nature park with a coastline of around 30 km and a few small islands. Due to its nature and coutless rocks, the coast of the nature park is ideal for snorkeling, as it hides different types of fish, sea plants and other nature beauties in a peaceful environment.

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Snorkeling in the National Park Brijuni in Istria

The National Park Brijuni, one of eight national parks in Croatia, stretches along the southwest coast of Istria. It consists of several islands and was once upon a time the summer quarters of the head of the state Tito during the time of Yugoslavia. Today, in addition to the incredible landscape, you can also explore the underwater world of the National Park Brijuni, as well as the archeological remains from the Roman times in the Bay of Veriga. Furthermore, the unique underwater flora and fauna are bound to leave you speechless.

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Underwater Expedition to the Wreck of the Baron Gautsch near Rovinj

Want something more exciting to explore than the Adriatic flora and fauna? How about a shipwreck? There are quite a few sunken boats and ships on the bottom of the Croatian Adriatic Sea and one of them is the steamer Baron Gautsch of the Austro-Hungarian Navy which sank due to a minefield during the First World War. A harrowing war created one of the most beautiful and interesting diving locations on the Adriatic. Please do take note that simple snorkeling gear is not enough for this kind of deep diving adventure. However, it is a truly exciting experience and a way where one discovers the secrets of bygone times.

Scuba diving to the Wreck of the Baron Gautsch near Rovinj - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Immerse Yourself in the Underwater World of the Kvarner Bay

The Kvarner Bay in the north of the Adriatic Sea in Croatia is known for small picturesque places, dreamlike pebble beaches surrounded by mighty mountains and spectacular islands. But what lies hidden under the surface of the water is sure to wow you.

Discover the Shipwreck in the Zavratnica Bay

There is a shipwreck to be discovered in the Kvarner Bay as well. The shipwreck is located in the Zavratnica Bay near the small town of Jablanica and this experience will cost you 30 kn (approx. 4 €) since the bay is part of the Nature Park Velebit which has an entrance fee. Crystal clear water and a 2.3 km long promenade await you in the bay. The wreck is located directly in the bay and can easily be explored while snorkeling. This is a shipwreck of the Kriegsmarine from the Second World War which will enthrall you while the beauty of Zavratnica bay will leave a mark on you for a very long time.

Snorkeling in the Zavratnica Bay in Croatia - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Underwater Adventure of the Island of Losinj

Islands are always particularly suitable for diving and snorkeling due to their nature. This is also the case with the beautiful island of Lošinj in the Croatian Kvarner Bay. Small hidden bays, a unique underwater flora and fauna and the crystal clear sea await you there. The bays of Mali Losinj and Veli Losinj are excellent examples of this. So grab your diving goggles, your snorkel and your fins and discover the quiet and hidden side of the gorgeous island of Losinj!

Swim with the Fishes, Underwater World of the Island of Losinj in Croatia - Adriatic Luxury Villas

The Island of Krk: True Paradise for Divers

The island of Krk in the Kvarner Bay in Croatia is one of the most popular diving and snorkeling locations due to its clear water, numerous species of fish and mussels and breathtaking underwater plants and corals. There are a seemingly infinite number of small quiet bays on the island of Krk which are suitable for snorkeling. Great examples of this are the beaches in Malinska, the Bay of St. Marak and Drazica near the town of Njivice.

Dalmatia and Its Islands from Below

Dalmatia is known worldwide for its beautiful beaches and the picturesque landscape on its mainland and islands. However, the region is sure to amaze you from below as well. You will come across beautiful beaches and bays suitable for snorkeling around every corner in Dalmatia.

Immerse Yourself in the Underwater Beauty of Dugi Otok Island

The beautiful sights of nature are not just to be found on the mainland of Croatia, but also below the water surface. A bay that is ideal for snorkeling is the Brbinjscica bay not far from the town of Brbinj. The bay is very quiet an opens up to the open sea. Those looking for a great adventure can explore the shipwreck of the island of Dugi Otok, namely that of a sunken Italian ship Michelle off the coast of Veli Rat. The ship is located is ideal for snorkeling. However, caution is advised as the ship is covered in rust and the edges could be sharp.

Wreck of the Michelle on the Island of Dugi Otok in Croatia - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Discover the Underwater Calm of the Makarska Riviera

Hustle and bustle, parties, beach bars, full beaches… all of this is associated with the Makarska Riviera. So how about a snorkeling trip into the calm underwater world of this beautiful corner of Croatia? There are many beautiful and quiet bays in this area that are suitable for snorkeling, of which the rocky ones, such as Brela, are the best. It is also worth paying a visit to the islands of Hvar and Brac, where you can snorkel just as well and explore the underwater wonders and reefs whenever you like. 

Snorkeling in Brela Croatia - Adriatic Luxury Villas

The Island of Vis: A Real Underwater Paradise

The island of Vis in Dalmatia is one of the more pristine islands in Croatia, making it the perfect place for snorkeling. There are many picturesque little bays between the small fishing villages whose underwater worlds hide many unique plants and a diverse marine life. Furthermore, the caves and grottos of the island of Vis, as well as the fact that Vis was a military base in the days of Yugoslavia will spice up the snorkeling experience. Stiniva Bay, for example, is a great place to snorkel.

Marine Life, Underwater World of Vis in Croatia - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Pure Diving Experience on the Island of Mljet

The island of Mljet, also known as the Green Island or Odysseus Island, is an excellent place for snorkeling. The northern part of the island is a national park and the rest of the island impresses with its breathtaking and untouched nature. There are two salt lakes on the island, which are connected by a channel and which are also suitable for snorkeling. The Rikavica cave is another popular place for snorkeling and diving and when there are waves, the cave "roars" and lives up to its name.

Snorkeling at the Island of Mljet in Croatia - Adriatic Luxury Villas

We have now reached the end of our blog about the best places to snorkel in Croatia and we hope that this blog has been able to encourage you to take a trip into the beautiful underwater world of Croatia. Collect unforgettable memories, discover a hardly explored world and let yourself be amazed by the plants and animals underwater. Gather new experiences on your vacation in Croatia and awaken the marine explorer in you.

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Thanks for reading & have a nice dive! 😊