The best restaurants in Zadar in 2020

The best restaurants in Zadar in 2020

Relish Dalmatia’s most authentic food in the top 5 Gault Millau Zadar restaurants. Eat like a local by tasting tome of the premium local dishes of the region in the most original venues, and experience the real culture of Zadar.

Current top 5 Gault Millau Zadar restaurants

Are you an 'eat like a local' traveller type, always in search of authentic food and cultural experiences? The Zadar region is blessed with numerous local food delicacies that are a unique blend of sea and continental cuisine, with other Mediterranean influences.

Pag cheese, lamb, anchovies, tuna, prosciutto, olive oil, and local wines are just some of the best products you should try during your holidays in Zadar. Relish Dalmatia’s most authentic food in the top 5 Gault Millau Zadar restaurants.

Foša – Gault Millau Zadar restaurant, 2019

Set in the most authentic venue in the close vicinity of the XVI century town walls, Foša restaurant is undoubtedly the first Gault Millau Zadar restaurant to visit. Selected in the famous French restaurant guide in 2019., the restaurant prides itself on the perfect match of tradition and modern, both in architecture and gastronomy.

The chef's philosophy to creatively combine traditional Dalmatian recipes and contemporary cuisine results in dishes made from fresh seasonal ingredients. Besides traditional seafood dishes with Adriatic squid, tuna, or octopus, you will find local prosciutto and cheese on the menu.

Prosciutto, cheese, olive oil plate

Kaštel - Gault Millau Zadar restaurant, 2019

Not only selected by Gault & Millau Croatia guide but also awarded with one Michelin star in 2019, Kaštel restaurant in Zadar is inevitable on Gault Millau Zadar restaurants list. Kaštel restaurant is part of the Bastion Hotel set in the preserved remains of the 13th-century fortress. The restaurant menu showcases the true identity of Dalmatian culture and life, resulting in exceptional food and wine pairings, both continental and seafood. Kaštel's philosophy is best described with a word from its chef Ivan Turković: “Understanding the environment and identity of Dalmatian way of life is hidden behind every dish. My gourmet philosophy is inspired by traditional Mediterranean cuisine."

Kod Stipe - Gault Millau Zadar restaurant, 2019

You haven't done it like a local in Zadar if you don't try brunch (marenda). Unlike the previous two restaurants from this list, which are set in authentic medieval venues, Kod Stipe is a Gault Millau Zadar restaurant that wins you over with its simplicity. A rich yet simple menu includes about 30 traditional Dalmatian dishes at very affordable prices. Indulge in fish stews, cod, octopus, or lamb under the lid and top it all off with delicious home-baked bread.           

Niko - Gault Millau Zadar restaurant, 2019

Almost a legend in the city, Niko Gault Millau Zadar restaurant was selected in the famous French restaurant guide in 2019. Run by the Pavin family for more than 50 years, it certainly stands for tradition - an essential cultural value in Dalmatia. Expect only fresh and best from the Adriatic Sea: scampi, squid, seabass, and other white fish. The owners pride themselves on giving their guests home-like food and atmosphere. The restaurant owner will even treat you with traditional acapella songs performed by his male vocal choir Klapa Niko.


Tinel - Gault & Millau Zadar restaurant, 2019

It is best to describe Tinel Gault Millau Zadar restaurant as your home away from home. The word describing the central place for gathering and enjoying food in one’s home is not only a colloquialism in Croatia’s coastal regions but also a reflection of the family-centred life values of the locals. It’s all about good food and good company in Croatia.

A home-like experience, Tinel restaurant is both for continental and seafood lovers set in the heart of Zadar’s old town core. The rich menu is completed with a selection of regional wines and olive oil from local producers.

Until the new Gault Millau, Zadar restaurants guide launch in March 2020, discover all other current selected restaurants in the Zadar region for a complete local gastronomical experience: Gault Millau Zadar region.