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What to bring with you on vacation to Croatia

What to bring with you on vacation to Croatia

A list of essential things to carry with you on a vacation to Croatia. Check this list to know everything you will need for your trip to Croatia.

If you are reading this, that means you are preparing yourself for your vacation time in Croatia. Great choice! But if you want to have a successful and pleasant time in this holidays, we present you some essential things you might want to carry with you on this trip.

The Croatian national currency: Kunas.

Croatia has already begun preparations to acquire the Euro as its currency, but for now the national currency remains the Kuna. You will need to get some kunas in order to make some of your payments as credit card payment is not available in every place.

You will also appreciate bringing a coin purse, because coins stack here very easily. We don’t recommend you to get your kunas from the exchange offices in the city centre or the airport, where you will have to pay a huge commission or get a bad exchange ratio. It would be best to exchange your money in Croatian banks, because there you will get a better exchange rate and pay less commission than in exchange offices and on ATMs. Getting a credit/debit travel card specialized for spending money abroad is a good choice as well.

Sunscreen to protect your skin from the sunlight.

There is plenty of sunlight, more than 2700 hours, per year in some places in Croatia and you will probably have a pool available at your villa, so sunscreen is a must.

Sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sunlight

For the same reason, good sunglasses will be needed if you want to enjoy the Croatian daylight.


Swimming suit to swim in the Adriatic

Either for swimming in the pool or in the Adriatic Sea, a swimming suit is a must-have for your stay.

Island, Adriatic sea

Water shoes not to get hurt on the pebble beaches

Sandy beaches are not usual in Croatia, since most of the beaches are pebbly or stony, so you will need a pair of water shoes to walk there. You can buy them almost everywhere around Croatia or bring your own ones.

Mosquito repellent to keep insects away

In some places around Croatia mosquitos can get very annoying, maybe even more so in rural places, so get a good repellent to keep them away.

Camera to immortalize the best moments

Croatia is absolutely gorgeous! The mountains and the seaside will surly mesmerizing you and you will want to immortalize every single moment. When you find that perfect spot for a picture use the hashtag #AdriaticLuxuryVillas and tag us to share it!


Adapters to charge your devices

Type C and F plugs and 220V with 50Hz frequency are used here in Croatia so make sure to have an adapter or a converter to charge your devices.

Walking/hiking shoes to be comfortable while trekking

If you are willing to go hiking or visit some steeper places you will need the proper footwear for it. We know it sounds obvious, but don’t go hiking in flip flops and be sure to get every supply you will need for that kind of adventure. You don’t want a rescue team looking for you!

Waterproof phone case to take photos underwater

The sea is turquoise blue and crystal-clear in Croatia, so if you want to take some underwater photos or just take your phone with you, a waterproof case is a good choice.

Warm clothes for the colder days

It depends on what season you choose to visit Croatia, but you can always experience some colder nights, especially if you are staying at the seaside during the last summer days.

Motion sickness medication if you board a boat

The Adriatic Sea can be enjoyed in multiple ways, but one of the best ones is by boat. So if you are planning on boarding one, don’t forget this medication just in case. We don’t want your experience to get ruined for such a simple thing.

Travel insurance to always be prepared

For any trip to a foreign country, you should get travel insurance. Obviously, we hope nothing happens to you or to anyone for that matter, but travel insurance is a must and can make things a lot easier, if some problems do occur. Also, ask for your European Health Insurance Card, it’s very useful and easy to get!

Smartphone to communicate everywhere

Almost everyone can speak basic English in Croatia but just in case, take your smartphone for some translation apps. GPS and navigation apps will also be very useful during your trip.

Documentation: Passport, ID and student or senior ID.

If you are coming from outside the EU, you will need your passport in order to enter Croatia. If you are from the EU, your ID card should be enough, but it is still advisable to bring your passport, just in case! Apart from this, you can take advantage of many discounts, if you have a student or senior ID with you.

We know you are looking forward to starting your journey, but before that the best thing you can do is to check this list and think about everything you will need for your adventure in Croatia. The villas offered in Adriatic Luxury Villas have all kinds of amenities and facilities for you, but with the list you just read you are completely prepared to enjoy Croatia.


We wish you a pleasant stay! We are always at your disposal and thanks for reading!