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Skywalk Biokovo: a Divine View of Dalmatia

Skywalk Biokovo: a Divine View of Dalmatia

Are you brave enough to take a tour on the Skywalk Biokovo? Surround yourself with an incomparable panorama and enjoy the view of the fantastic Croatian coast. Experience a unique and marvelous view from a bird's eye view.

A fantastic view at dizzying heights in the middle of a nature park in Croatia… that's exactly what the so-called Skywalk Biokovo near Makarska Riviera offers you. Read on to find out more interesting things about this unique attraction and the unforgettable view while walking through the clouds over Dalmatia.

General information about the Skywalk Biokovo

The Skywalk Biokovo is a viewing platform with a glass floor, which on the one hand offers its visitors a breathtaking view of the Makarska Riviera and Split, the Adriatic Sea, its dreamy beaches and the surrounding islands such as Brac and Hvar and on the other hand gives its visitors the feeling of looking into the abyss deeper than one kilometer in the midst of the clouds from a bird's eye view.

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Walk through the clouds at dizzying heights

As the name suggests, this glass-bottom path is located in the Biokovo Nature Park in Dalmatia not far from Makarska and Split. It is more precisely located in the southwestern part of the park at the Ravna-Vlaska Pass. The attraction is located 1228 m above sea level and protrudes around 12 m from a cliff that opens to the sea. That means, while walking across the glass floor you are over a kilometre above the abyss and at the same time have a wonderful view of the Croatian Makarska riviera.

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The horseshoe-shaped platform, which was opened on July 2nd, 2020, is part of the “New Adrion” project, which promotes sustainable use of the natural resourches of Mountain Biokovo. The opening of a visitor center is scheduled to follow in 2021. In front of the platform there is also a large geological pillar as a cross-section of a rock. This three-dimensional view shows the different rock layers you can find on the mountain and their changes in the course of time.

This viewing platform, unique in Croatia, is basically the reconstruction of the old viewing point. There is an access staircase on both sides, which enables a walk around and keeps the flow of visitors going. The horseshoe-shaped footbridge was built from steel and glass and at the same time around 30 visitors can enjoy the divine view of the Croatian Adriatic Sea and the blue sky – a true skywalk!

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The Concept of the Skywalk Biokovo

Before entering, visitors have to clean their shoes so that the glass floor remains as clean as possible and the effect is retained, because the handrail, in addition to the supporting steel construction, is made of pure glass. Surrounded by the effect of this walk through the clouds, you can enjoy the incomparable view, especially on sunny days, and take the perfect photo to remember your holiday in Croatia.

Safety of the Skywalk Biokovo

When looking at the skywalk, the question naturally arising is whether the construction is really safe. Of course, the safety was proved by testing the sustainability with water. The fire brigade of the surrounding villages turned the attraction into a pool with tarpaulins and filled it with water to test the sustainability and the Skywalk passed the test without any problems. In addition, the employees who are always available and who take care of the visitors tell you exactly when you can enter the platform. The information center is also in the immediate vicinity.

Opening Hours of the Nature Park Biokovo

You can visit the park from early April to late November. In the winter months until March, the park is closed due to weather conditions. From April to mid-May and from October to November, the park opens its doors daily from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. In the summer months the park is open for you from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. When visiting, please note that the drive from the main entrance of the Park to the Skywalk takes around 30 minutes and that entry is possible until 3:00 p.m. in summer.

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Tickets & Prices

As the Skywalk is located in the Biokovo Nature Park, you only pay the entrance fee for the park which enables you to entire breathtaking mountain and its spectacular Skywalk. Entry for children under 7 is free. Adults pay 60 kn for a day ticket. Visitors with disabilities pay 35 kn and all the tickets are available at the park information center.

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How to reach the Skywalk Biokovo

The main entrance to the Biokovo Nature Park is around 6 km from the Croatian coastal town of Makarska. A car ride from Makarska to the Skywalk takes about 45 minutes. The 23 km long Biokovo road begins at the main entrance of the park. It is the highest road in Croatia, because it leads you directly to the Skywalk and then to the highest peak of the Biokovo Mountains, Sv. Jure, which measures 1762 m. A 13 km long asphalt road leads from the entrance to the viewing platform.

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How to get to the Skywalk by car?

If you want to come by car by yourself, you can find the main entrance of the park on the state road Makarska-Vrbovec 6 km east of Makarska. The access to the main road can be reached from the D8 state road (cro: Jadranska Magistrala) from the north as well as from the south. The park is well signposted and easy to find. There is a free parking right next to the Skywalk Biokovo, where you can park your car during the excursion. Dubrovnik is also worth a day trip, as it is only some 151 km away from Mountain Biokovo.

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The Biokovo Road is a special driveway because it is single-lane and leads through the Biokovo Mountains. Around every 300 m there are junctions at the roadside in case oncoming traffic should arise. Special traffic rules apply, so caution is advised. If you are unsure of your driving skills, you can take part in an organized excursion to the Skywalk.

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Hiking to the Skywalk

For the hikers among you, there are over 40 different hiking trails that lead to the Skywalk. You can choose between hiking trails that face the sea and the coast of Croatia or inland. Therefore, use a day during your vacation to explore the beauty of Biokovo by foot!

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Accommodation near Skywalk Biokovo

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