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Everything to Know About the Adriatic Pearl Primosten

Everything to Know About the Adriatic Pearl Primosten

Discover Primosten in Dalmatia on the coast of Croatia, a true pearl of the Croatian Adriatic Sea, and spend your vacation in a place where history and modern tourism are only separated by a bridge. Enjoy a day at the beach overlooking a picturesque old town and discover the incredible vineyards in Primosten.

In addition to numerous well-known and popular travel destinations and places such as Zadar, Split, Pula and Dubrovnik, the picturesque town of Primosten with its characteristic peninsula in Central Dalmatia certainly stands out and is thus worth a visit. Despite its small size, Primosten is truly a pearl of the Adriatic Sea in Croatia and offers some interesting sights, like beautiful beaches and a magical region adorned with world-famous vineyards.

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So let’s take a little trip to Primosten and find out in this blog everything you need to know about this charming little town for your next vacation.

Sunset in Primosten Croatia - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Let’s start things off by some interesting facts about Primosten that will fascinate you. Primosten used to be referred to by seafarers as The Dry Cape due to receiving very little rainfall. Its central geographical location between the tourist destinations of Trogir and Sibenik make Primosten an increasingly popular tourist destination in Croatia. Furthermore, the airport of Trogir near Split is not far away from Primosten. The historic fairytale-like Old Town with its delightful narrow streets is located on a peninsula separated from the modern tourist center by a bridge. In the past, the inhabitants of Primosten earned their livelihood by fishing, growing olives and vines while today tourism is playing a very important role, that's why more and more tourists visit this delightful city.

Interesting Landmarks & Rich History of Primosten

Numerous archeological findings in the area surrounding Primosten prove that the place has been inhabited since the time of the Illyrians and Greeks, which is reflected in its history, whereby it must be mentioned that today’s small peninsula used to be an island near the coast which was connected to the mainland by a bridge. In the Middle Ages, families settled on the island to protect themselves from the Ottoman attacks and this marks the establishment of settlements. The island was formerly known as Caput Cista. In 1564 the settlement was give the name Primosten, in which the connection between the island and the mainland can be recognized, because Primosten is derived from the Croatian phrase “near the bridge” (Cro: Pri mosta, primostiti).

Brigde of Primosten inear Sibenik n Dalmatia Croatia - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Over time, Primosten developed into an important commerce center on the Adriatic Sea of Croatia and the bridge connecting the island to the mainland was replaced by a dam, making the island into a peninsula. From the 17th century, a city wall was built around the historic Old Town, which is now exclusively on the peninsula. In addition to the Church of St. George, built in the 15th century, the Church of Our Lady of Mercy and the Church of St.  Rocco were built as protection from the plague.

The Old Town of Primosten is characterized by the small and winding streets typical for Dalmatia, which lead to the Square of Bishop Josip Arneric in Primosten. You can visit the square by going through the delightful city gate of the peninsula which will transport you to the historical past of Primosten. After the old drawbridge was replace by the dam, the city gate was built which still symbolically separates the Old Town from the modern center.

Old Town of Primosten near Sibenik in Croatia - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Delightful Church of St. George

The landmark of the town of Primosten is the Church of St. George, which rises up on a mountain in the middle of the historical peninsula and thus reminds a little of Rovinj. The church, which can be seen in the distance, was built in the 15th century and thanks to its elevated position offers a wonderful view of the roofs of the picturesque Old Town, whose colors contrast with the deep blue Adriatic Sea of ​​Croatia.

Church of St. George in Primosten Croatia - Adriatic Luxury Villas

In the interior of the church, which was restored in the 18th century, you can visit and marvel at the sarcophagus of Bishop Arneric, whose name was given to the square at the entrance of the peninsula. Furthermore, there is an icon of the Virgin Mary made by Master Cusio inside, which will leave you speechless. In addition to the Virgin Mary, this icon also represents Saints Luke and George. As you can see, the Church of Saint George in Primosten is a must for all history lovers.

Breathtaking Beaches in Primosten

The whole coast along the Adriatic Sea in Croatia is adorned with breathtaking beaches and crystal clear water and Primosten is no exception. Although Primosten is a quite small place, it offers you picturesque pebble beaches, which are surrounded by crystal clear water perfect for families. The coast of Primosten is blessed with around 20 km of beautiful beaches, so you will find some places to relax and sunbathe once the temperatures reach the 30°C range. So if you want to travel to Primosten, there are some beautiful beaches that you must visit during your stay and we want to present you the best ones.

Phantastic Velika Rudaca Beach

Velika Rudaca Beach is located in the eastern part of the Rudaca peninsula and is very popular with both locals and tourists. It is a pebble beach with an easy access to the sea, making the beach particularly suitable for families who travel with their children. Due to its numerous pine trees, the beach offers enough shade and protection from the Croatian sun. Velika Raduca Beach is easy to reach by foot and is rarely overcrowded.

Mala Rudaca Beach with a Wonderful View

Very close to the beach Velika Rudaca is the slightly smaller but equally popular beach Mala Rudaca. It is almost opposite the Velika Rudaca Beach, as it is on the other side of the peninsula, and offers a wonderful view of the Old Town of Primosten. The Mala Rudaca beach is also a pebble beach blessed with the turquoise-blue sea of the Adriatic Sea. For the more adventurous among you, both beaches offer plenty of fun water activities for young and old.

Beach in Primosten with View on the Old Town - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Unique Garbina Beach on the Old Town Peninsula

One of the most beautiful beaches in Primosten is undoubtedly the Garbina beach, which is also known as Rosi. This rocky and pebbly beach is located directly on the peninsula of the Old Town of Primosten. Pine trees provide enough shade on hot summer days in Croatia and while bathing on this beach you have a wonderful view of the Rudaca peninsula. Thanks to the rocks the sea shines in incredible turquoise blue tones.

Rocky Beach in the Old Town of Primosten Croatia - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Family Friendly Varos Beach

Varos Beach is not far from the historic Old Town. This pebble beach offers you an unforgettable view of the Old Town of Primosten, while you and your family enjoy a relaxing day on the beach and taste the gastronomic offer of the nearby cafes and restaurants. The beach leads into shallow water and is, therefore, particularly suitable for families. Its central location directly on the city promenade make the beach easy to reach on foot.

Pure Nature at the Dagna Beach

Another unmissable beach tip is Dagna Beach in the north of Primosten, about a 15 minutes' walk from the Old Town. In addition to the numerous trees that give you natural shade, the radiant turquoise blue water will leave you breathless. The pebbles on the beach lead you into the Croatian Adriatic Sea and if you just want to enjoy the view and relax, you can enjoy a refreshing drink in the dreamlike Bau Bar and let nature work its magic on you. The beach is small, but it is far away from mass tourism, offers you enough peace and quiet during your vacation in Croatia and is thur really worth your visit.

Dagna Beach and Bau Bar in Primosten Croatia - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Delicious Gastronomic Offer in the Restaurants in Primosten

If you are exploring the city and some surrounding places during your vacation and just had a good workout on the beach, you will of course have to recharge your batteries and this is best done with a delicious meal of Dalmatian cuisine. In Primosten you will find a wide range of restaurants with something for every taste. If you want to taste Croatian and especially Dalmatian cuisine during your vacation in Primosten, we recommend the Mediteran Restaurant, which is located on the peninsula of the Old Town of Primosten. Even the dreamlike ambience of the restaurant impresses with its classic elegance coupled with the charm of Dalmatia. On the menu of the Mediteran you will find the best classic Dalmatian dishes that are prepared with fresh ingredients, and the service is sure to be on par with your standards.

Food at the Restaurant Mediterran in Primosten Croatia - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Even when you are having fun on the beach, you don't have to miss the quality gastronomic offer in Primosten, because the restaurant Franco’s Bar is located directly on the Mala Rudaca Beach, where you can enjoy the best Croatian and Mediterranean dishes by the sea all day long. The restaurant impresses with its relaxed atmosphere and offers exactly the right dishes that you need between your baths. On the open terrace you can round off the view with a delicious and refreshing cocktail at any time of the day.

Franco's Bar in Primosten at the Beach - Adriatic Luxury Villas

More delicious Mediterranean dishes can be found on the Konoba Toni restaurant menu. The restaurant is located on the historic peninsula not far from the old port and offers you a fantastic view of the Croatian sea during dinner. Surrounded by the unique scenery, you can enjoy delicious fish dishes in this restaurant and round things off with a tasty dessert. Of course, this restaurant offers you high-quality house wine and you can also enjoy your coffee here in the afternoon.

The Region Around Primosten - Worthwhile Trips

If you choose Primosten as your next destination for your vacation in Croatia, then it is a must to explore and visit the area around the fairytale city. Thankfully, there are many things and places in the immediate vicinity that are worth a day trip. On the one hand, the cities of Sibenik, Split and Trogir are not far away, so you can get to know other historical cities in Croatia. On the other hand, you can marvel at the incredible nature in the national parks of Croatia, because both the Kornati National Park and the Krka National Park are nearby and are worthwhile for a day trip. You can visit the Kornati National Park by booking an organised boat tour and the Krka National Park also by an organised tour or you can travel on your own. In addition to these well-known destinations, we would like to introduce you to two special destinations in the immediate vicinity of Primosten.

Peninsula of Primosten near Sibenik in Croatia - Adriatic Luxury Villas

The Incredible Bucavac vineyards

The wines of Croatia are world-famous and the coast of Croatia is adorned with numerous wine routes and wine regions, including Primosten. The Bucavac vineyards are located around 3 km south of Primosten and the famous Babic wine is grown in these vineyards. The vineyards are surrounded by unique stone walls and the high quality autochthonous red wine Babic grows in the red stony earth. It is interesting to mention that a picture of the 18 hectare vineyards was in the lobby of the UN headquarters in New York and thus symbolically represented human work. The vineyards are an unforgettable destination and showcase the incredible work of human hands.

Vineyards of Bucavac in Primosten near Sibenik Croatia - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Our Lady Of Loreto Statue – A Unique View on Primosten

Another worthwhile place for a trip is the Our Lady of Loreto Statue (Cro: Gospa od Loreta). This monument is a 17 m high statue that is located on a mountain near Primosten and represents the patron saint of the city. The mountain is around 170 m high and offers you an unbelievable 360 ​​° view of Primosten, the Croatian Adriatic, the surrounding coast with its islands and the aforementioned vineyards. Next to the statue there is a café on the mountain, so you can enjoy your coffee with a completely unique view and we recommend that you visit the Our Lady of Loreto Statue in the late afternoon, because then you can enjoy on of the best sunsets there. You can come almost all the way to the top by car and the exit to the Our Lady of Loreto Statue is marked south on the Magistrala road.

Our Lady Of Loreto Statue near Primosten in Croatia - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Luxurious Accommodation in Primosten

Our little visit is now coming to an end and besides all the interesting things you have learned about Primosten, the only thing missing is a luxurious holiday home with a pool in Primosten to complete your vacation planning for your next trip to Croatia, so we want you briefly introduce some of our beautiful and best villas in Primosten.

The rustic Villa Rozara is located outside the city and offers you a lot of peace and quiet during your vacation in Croatia. This accommodation impresses with its charm and is equipped with everything you need for a luxurious holiday in Primosten. It can accommodate 6 people, is pet-friendly and made out of stone. The pool of the villa is heated and offers you a view of the fantastic nature of the region. Furthermore, there is plenty of space for the whole family in the outdoor area. Villa Rozara offers everything for an unforgettable luxury vacation with the whole family on the Adriatic Sea of ​​Croatia.

Rustic Villa Rozara made out of stone in Primosten near Sibenik in Dalmatia Croatia - Adriatic Luxury Villas

If you prefer something more luxurious, then the Golden Rays villas are for you. It is a villa complex consisting of 7 villas that have the same characteristics and yet are all unique. The villas are located on a hill in the north of the city directly by the sea and impress with their pure luxury. All villas have a private indoor or outdoor pool and access to the complex's private beach and shared infinity pool. All villas are very modern and have a wellness area with a sauna, enough space in the fantastically furnished bedrooms and offer an indescribable view of the coasts of Croatia. 

Villa Golden Rays 3 in Primosten Croatia - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Another deluxe accommodation is the contemporary seafront Villa Gloss. This stunning villa provides accommodation for 10 guests in 450 m2 of living space. Enjoy the fascinating panoramic view of the crystal-clear sea sprawling in front of the villa and enjoy a refreshing swim in the sea or the lovely 21 m2 infinity pool. Villa Gloss promises an unforgettable vacation!

Villa Gloss in Bilo Village near Primosten | Adriatic Luxury Villas

We have now reached the end of our blog and hope that this information about Primosten will make it easier for you to decide on your next travel destination in Croatia. If you are interested in other luxurious holiday homes in Croatia, please have a look at our wide range of dreamy villas with private pools along the Adriatic Sea in Croatia and choose your most perfect and best luxury accommodation to spend your vacation in. At Adriatic Luxury Villas there is something for every vacationer, no matter if you search a rustic or modern accommodation, on a fairytale-like island or on the mainland and in some popular cities, like Split, Dubrovnik or Zadar or in the midst of nature.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for reading and have fun daydreaming about the pearl of the Adriatic! 😊