Coronavirus in Croatia. How serious is it?

Coronavirus in Croatia. How serious is it?

What is the situation in Croatia with Coronavirus? Read about the current state of Coronavirus in Croatia. Learn how Croatia is dealing with Coronavirus.

Coronavirus has been the most discussed topic in the last couple of months. In Croatia when it comes to this topic, people completely diverge in their opinions, varying from one end to another.

On the one side stand people who are deep in panic, whose hands are dry and cracked from scrubbing intensively with a hand sanitiser. They already prepared themselves for the worse scenario, piling up way too many food supplies in their pantries, measuring the body temperature every hour or two, wearing protective masks even during a phone conversation.

On the other side, we have many people vilifying the whole situation. They claim that the whole thing is overexaggerated by the media and that COVID-2019 is just a flu.

The truth is probably, as usual, somewhere in-between.

What does the current situation in Croatia look like?

On today's date, 6th March 2020, there are ten confirmed cases of coronavirus in Croatia. All of them are in very good condition and isolated from the beginning. Croatian Ministry of Health did a good job in tracking and prohibiting the virulence maximally, by taking a good control from the very first case, detecting the infection very rapidly, knowing the exact place where the person got infected, where has the person been moving afterwards and testing all the people that person has been in contact with. 

Croatia is following all the guidelines from the World Health Organisation by setting up isolation centres and providing competent doctors. In the last ten days, from 25th February (when the first case was confirmed) until today, a minimal number of people got infected comparing to other countries.

People are acting very responsibly. This means that most of the people who may have been present in the infected areas, voluntarily put themselves in home isolation. The same is with people who showed any slight indications of a flu or a cold. They didn't find it hard to spend a couple of days at home resting.

How dangerous is Coronavirus?

We believe that a healthy amount of fear is good because it brings caution, but there is no room for panic. The good news is that 80% of infected people recovered from the virus without any special treatment. Around 16% of people, most of them older, with high blood pressure, heart problems or diabetes, develop more serious symptoms like heavy breathing. The virus is, unfortunately, fatal in 2% of cases, as far mainly among elderly people with pre-existing bad medical conditions. Here you can check up-to-date worldwide statistics.


Basic protective measures against Coronavirus

Even though most infected people experience only mild symptoms and recover easily, we still highly advise following the local government rules as well as the general hygiene rules.

Wash your hands regularly:

  • 1. Wet your hands with running water and apply a generous amount of soap, enough to cover your hands completely..
  • 2. Scrub all surfaces of your hands with soap foam, back and front, between you fingers, around your thumbs, under your nails, for about minimally 20 seconds.
  • 3. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and wipe your hands with a single-use towel.
  • 4. Use the same towel to close the pipe.

Washing hands

Repeat this procedure before you eat, after coughing, blowing your nose, after you use the bathroom, public transport, or any time you have the opportunity. When water and soap are unavailable, use a hand sanitiser containing at least 60% of alcohol.

Maintain a social distance of one meter with unknown people, avoid touching your nose, mouth, eyes or any kind of mucosa, and cover your mouth and nose with a tissue while sneezing/coughing.

Protective masks are useful only if YOU are coughing or sneezing and want to protect the others.

Protective mask

If you have any doubts or questions about the current state with Coronavirus in any of Croatian regions, do not hesitate to contact us. Adriatic Luxury Villas team is happy to provide you with the latest information.

Thank you for reading!