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Top 10 Traditional Villas with a Pool in Croatia

Top 10 Traditional Villas with a Pool in Croatia

Spend your vacation in Croatia in a traditional villa and let the charm of these accommodations work its magic on you. Take a look at our exclusive selection of the most beautiful traditional villas in Croatia and surround yourself with the characteristic architecture of Croatia during your holiday.

If you travel to a foreign country, you definitely want to get to know and experience its culture, but a few excursions and day trips are not enough, because only the habitation presents you the true tradition of your travel destination. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to our most beautiful traditional villas in Croatia in this blog, since they reveal the architectural tradition of Croatia and thus create a unique ambience during your vacation and as you will notice, we cannot avoid stone elements and facades.

Unique Villa Menta 1 on the Island of Krk

Let's start with the island of Krk in the Kvarner Bay in a small charming village in the middle of nature and this is exactly where this villa fits in perfectly. The Villa Menta 1, which is suitable for 6 people, almost seems to come from another age, because it is built of stone, which particularly underlines the interior of this holiday home. The furniture is adapted to this architecture down to the last detail and thus forms a coherent whole. The green nature of the island of Krk fences the villa and gives the whole property something enchanted. 

Villa Menta 1 on the Island of Krk in Croatia - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Pure Tradition in the Villa Dumina in Sukosan near Zadar

We will continue with stone houses in Zadar and visit Villa Dumina near Zadar. Of course, the characteristic stone also dominates the architecture of this dream holiday home and this villa also features the perfect harmony between stone and wood. The ambience created with it is hard to beat and invites you to enjoy a cosy dinner with the whole family in the tavern. The outdoor area consists only of stone, even the table, and is basically the architectural implementation of Mediterranean, so you are completely surrounded by the tradition of Dalmatia in this villa.

Villa Dumina in Sukosan Croatia - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Traditional & Cosy Villa MiA near Zadar

We will keep on with a similar holiday home in terms of style, namely the Villa MiA for 8 people, which is located in the small village of Debeljak. The furnishing of this luxurious holiday home appears almost Mediterranean rural, so it fits perfectly into the surroundings. Light stones contrast with dark wooden elements and create a rustic ambience, which is continued outside in the tavern. The pool is adorned with typical Mediterranean stone slabs, which perfectly complete the traditional Dalmatian architectural style. 

Villa MiA in Zadar Croatia - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Charming Villa Tajna in the Heart of Istria

Let's continue with something a bit different - a combination of traditional stone elements and a dose of modernity can be found in the charming Villa Tajna located on the Istrian peninsula. This rustic, yet modern, villa can accommodate 8 guests and will satisfy all your needs with its unique facilities. Neutral tones, minimalistic design, wooden elements and lush greenery outdoors make this villa the perfect choice for a relaxing holiday.

Luxury Meets Traditional Architecture in the Villa Diocletian’s Palace on the Island of Brac

The Villa Diocletian's Palace really deserves its name, because it comes close to, let’s say, a traditional palace. It is suitable for 12 guests, who can fully enjoy the almost royal ambience of the villa. The villa was built from the famous Brac stone, which is something very special in itself. In addition, there is the incredible dining and living area and the luxurious furnishings with everything you can dream of, so in this traditional yet incredibly luxurious villa you will find everything you can desire!

Villa Diocletian's Palace on Island of Brac Croatia - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Pure Island Flair in the Villa Vicina on the Island of Brac

Life on an island is undoubtedly something special and if the accommodation also fits, it can hardly get better. This is the case with the Villa Vicina on the island of Brac, which is suitable for 9 people. The villa dates back to the 19th century and impresses with its truly cosy Dalmatian design. Stone and wood elements play also a dominant role in this holiday home and the outdoor area is a combination of stone elements and Mediterranean vegetation. Feel the culture and tradition of Dalmatia in the Villa Vicina and let the charm of the entire property work its magic on you. 

Villa Vicina on Island of Brac Croatia - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Nature & Privacy in the Villa Radalj near Split

Back on the mainland we will visit the traditional Villa Radalj in the middle of nature not far from Split. This villa is a typical Dalmatian one-storey holiday home, of course made of stone, which is suitable for 6 people. The interior is characterized by a cosy family style, while the exterior is adorned with bright stones and thus perfectly fits in the surrounding nature. You even have the opportunity to play boccia in the outdoor area of the Villa Radalj, which underlines again the tradition of Dalmatia. Nature, stone elements and the cosy furnishings fit together wonderfully and let you experience Dalmatia from its most beautiful side. 

Villa Radalj near Split in Croatia - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Traditional Mediterranean Flair in the Villa Didovi Dvori near Split

Welcome to Villa Didovi Dvori near Split, a luxurious villa that is bursting with traditional charm. Experience the real Dalmatia in a villa with traditional furnishings made of wood and stone and an outdoor area that is covered by typical Dalmatian vegetation and is located in the middle of nature. This wonderfully charming villa is suitable for 8 guests and guarantees you to make your vacation in Split a typical Dalmatian experience. 

Villa Didovi Dvori near Split in Croatia - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Enjoy Peace and Quiet in Rustic Villa Romansa

Located just a few kilometers away from the stunning Krka National Park, rustic Villa Romansa will satisfy all your needs with its spacious living area. This charming white villa with delightful blue shutters and stone elements offers accommodation for a total of 9 guests. Surrounded by an expanse of untouched nature, this unique villa is the ideal place for a carefree and luxurious vacation for you and your loved ones. 

Aristocrat Architectural Style in the Villa Tereza near Dubrovnik

About 20 km from Dubrovnik is the Villa Tereza with its traditional and yet royal elegant furnishings located. The interior impresses with its traditional and at the same time majestic style. The outside area of the Villa Tereza is adorned by the well-preserved original facade of the holiday home and the in-house traditional chapel makes the villa something very special. The villa guarantees you enough privacy during your vacation in Croatia and is surrounded by plenty of green trees, which blend perfectly into the ambience of the villa.

Villa Tereza near Dubrovnik in Croatia - Adriatic Luxury Villas

We are now at the end of our blog with the most beautiful traditional villas in Croatia and as you can see, each one is unique in its own way, even if they have certain similarities. We hope that this little tour through the traditional Dalmatian architecture has aroused your interest to spend your next holiday in Croatia in such a luxurious holiday home.

Traditional villas don't quite suit your taste? Take a look at our wide range of dreamy villas with a pool in Croatia. Between the many different holiday homes, you are sure to find the perfect villa for your next vacation in Croatia, regardless of whether you are traveling with your family, dog or a large group.

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Thanks for reading and have a great holiday! 😊