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Top 10 Most Stunning Viewpoints in Dalmatia

Top 10 Most Stunning Viewpoints in Dalmatia

Discover the most picturesque locations in Dalmatia by visiting its most stunning viewpoints. Take pictures with the most fantastic backdrops in the Dalmatian region and capture the beauty of Croatia forever.

If you are travelling through Croatia for the first time, you will quickly notice cars parked at random locations along the Croatian state roads and highways and people taking pictures of the surroundings. The reason? Quite simple! Croatia is a beautiful country, where you will find an abundance of stunning locations even along its roads. While there is a certain charm to driving aimlessly and discovering stunning views of Dalmatia, when you are on your vacation your time is limited. Therefore, it is smart to organize your time wisely, so that you can explore as much as possible in the shortest amount of time. And we are here to help!

From panoramic views of Dalmatian cities to mountain skywalks – Croatia has it all. Visit one of these stunning viewpoints in Dalmatia and experience Croatia from a new perspective.

St. Michael’s Fortress in Šibenik

Let’s start things off with the viewpoint from the St. Michael’s Fortress in Šibenik. While visiting Šibenik you have to visit the St. Michael’s Fortress from which you will have a breath-taking view of the city and the islands of the Šibenik archipelago.

St. Michael's Fortress in Šibenik - Adriatic Luxury Villas

If you know anything about Croats, you know that we always have some heroic and intricate story to tell for every Croatian monument there is. And, well today is no different, so bear with me. In addition to having a stunning view of Šibenik and the Adriatic Sea, St. Michael’s Fortress is one of the most significant monuments today, not only for its past function, but for its present one as well. For centuries, St. Michael’s Fortress was closed until the revitalization project in 2012, which turned this historic monument into the most prestigious open-air stage in the region. It is extremely exclusive because the auditorium has only 1077 seats. Therefore, you will not only have a fabulous view from the St. Michael’s Fortress, but also be able to enjoy concerts of many renowned Croatian and worldwide music artist such as Mario Biondi, GusGus, Stereo MC’s, and many others!

Open-air stage in St. Michael's Fortress - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Telegrin in Split

Split is beautiful from every angle. That is simply a fact. However, we do tend to love seeing a city from a birds-eye perspective, because let’s face it. Those are the best locations for an Instagram picture. So where can you get a panoramic view of Split? There are quite a few options, but we always give you the best one. Go to the highest peak of the Marjan Hill – peak Telegrin. At an altitude of 178 meters, Telegrin is the highest place in Split, from where you can view the whole of Split with the mountains Kozjak and Mosor, the surrounding islands, the Kaštela Bay all the way to the city of Trogir. Telegrin is a 10-minute walk from the Diocletian Palace, but you will have to be in shape at least a little bit for that walk. However, it is totally worth it, because you will have almost the whole central Dalmatia in the palm of your hand.

Telegrin in Split - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Nebeska šetnica – Skywalk Biokovo

This one is for our courageous readers. “Nebeska šetnica - Skywalk Biokovo” is a recently built celestial promenade and the latest significant tourist attraction in the region which will certainly take your breath away.

The horseshoe-shaped viewpoint is called the Skywalk, and it was built in the southwestern part of the Biokovo Nature Park at 1228 meters above sea level on the edge of a cliff, right above the abyss. Skywalk Biokovo is made of glass, so that you will have an impressive view of the Makarska Riviera in front of you, while having a view of the abyss below you, literally. It’s as if you are floating right above the abyss which is frightening and amazing at the same time.

Nebeska šetnica - Skywalk Biokovo - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Kamenjak – Nature Park Vrana Lakes

While travelling along the state road “Jadranska magistrala” between Šibenik and Zadar, you will come across the Nature Park Vrana Lake. At an altitude of about 283 meters above sea level near the highest peak of the Nature Park Vrana Lake is the most attractive viewpoint in this area – the info centre Kamenjak. From there you will have a spectacular view of the largest natural lake in Croatia with its olive groves and dry-stone walls, and, of course, the beautiful Adriatic Sea with the islands of the Zadar, Šibenik and Kornati archipelagos.

Kamenjak - Nature Park Vrana Lake - Adriatic Luxury Villas

In addition to the fantastic view, on the viewpoint Kamenjak you will be able to see large information boards which tell the story of this two-millennia-old region, a large plateau with benches for rest and the restaurant Kamenjak, where you will delight your taste buds with some traditional Dalmatian dishes.

Sunset view from Kamenjak - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Vidova Gora – Brač

Vidova Gora on the island of Brač, with an altitude of 780m, is the highest peak not only of Brač, but of all Adriatic islands. The Vidova Gora viewpoint offers a unique view of the south, from the green Bol plain with vineyards to the worldwide-famous Golden Horn Beach, whose characteristic horn turns east and west, depending on the winds at certain times of the year. If the day is sunny, you will also be able to see Biokovo, the Pelješac peninsula in the east all the way to the distant cliffs of the Island of Jabuka.

Vidova Gora on Brač - Adriatic Luxury Villas

The top of Vidova Gora is adorned with a 12m high monumental cross made of the world-renowned Brač marble, which was also used to build the Diocletian Palace, the White House and other significant buildings. Next to it is the tavern “Vladimir Nazor” where you can rest for a bit and enjoy some delicious meals.

Cross on Vidova Gora - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Srđ – Dubrovnik

You remember our talk about the best Insta-pics happening at locations with panoramic views of the city? We revealed the best location for a photoshoot in Split, now it’s time for Dubrovnik. Welcome to Srđ, a mountain just behind the walled city of Dubrovnik!

You can enjoy the stunning panoramic view of the whole city of Dubrovnik and the island of Lokrum for free, if you decide to go by car. However, we highly recommend taking the cable car from the Old Town to the hill. The ticket is only 74kn, which is approximately 10 euros, but the experience is priceless! While on Srđ, visit the fortress Imperial and learn a thing or two about the Croatian War of Independence.

Srđ in Dubrovnik - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Restaurant Panorama – Hvar

Hvar is considered the queen among the Croatian islands and has many amazing viewpoints, such as the one from the fortress Fortica, also called Španjolka, from which you will have a panoramic view of the town of Hvar and the Paklinski Islands. However, in our humble opinion, the view from the Restaurant Panorama is unmatched. Make a reservation beforehand, especially during sunset hours, and enjoy a majestic view of Hvar drenched in sunset colours over a delicious Dalmatian meal. The combination of a beautiful view and good food can simply not be beaten.

Restaurant Panorama on Hvar - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Kubus – Mountain Velebit

Kubus is a lesser known viewpoint in Croatia, which certainly deserves more attention. Kubus is in actuality the name of the monument dedicated to the building of the Karlobag-Gospić Road across Velebit. Kubus (or the Cube) is a four spheres monument in Oštarije Saddle, located at an altitude of 927 meters above sea level, from which you will be able to get amazing footage of Karlobag, the island of Pag and the entire Velebit Channel. If the weather is nice, you will also get a glace of Italy! Thirty-three steps lead to the Kubus, whose one side has the inscription Ferdinand I, Austrian Emperor MDCCCXLVI.

View from Kubus on Velebit - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Providenca theme viewpoint – Mali Lošinj

The theme viewpoint Providenca is a one-of-a-kind experience which encompasses the 300m long Educational trail Apsyrtides and the viewpoint bar. The Educational trail was named after the Greek term for the islands of Lošinj and Cres and offers a walk through the story of the island of Lošinj via 28 textual interpretations with photographs which show the uniqueness of the island.

The attention to detail is especially evident in the Vidovac Bar with 18 hand-crafted tables and benches, which were named after the famous ships built in the local shipyards in the 19th century. Here you will be able to taste the local delicacies while having an unforgettable view of the Lošinj archipelago.

Theme Viewpoint Providenac - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Zavratnica – Mountain Velebit

We end this list on the mighty Velebit with “the most exquisite pearls on the Croatian sea” – the Zavratnica Bay. Zavratnica is a 900 meters long narrow inlet, home of 129 plant species, of which 100 are indigenous, which was designated a protected landscape in 1964 because of its incredible beauty.  Having been the hidden summer resort of the Viennese and Prague elite, Zavratnica offers a scenery where the deep blue sea strongly contrasts the harsh grey shades of the Velebit, and sprinkles it with green colours of sparse vegetation and dark spots of tree shadows, creating a literal heaven on earth, which you will not want to leave.

Zavratnica in Nature Park Velebit - Adriatic Luxury Villas

We hope you enjoyed our little overview of the most stunning viewpoints in Dalmatia and that you found some inspiration for where to go next during your holiday in Croatia. If you need help finding an appropriate accommodation in the vicinity of any of these places on the list, make sure to contact us. Adriatic Luxury Villas offers a repertoire of high-end accommodation options for a dream-like vacation in Croatia.

Thank you for reading!