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Remote-Working in a Luxury Villa

Remote-Working in a Luxury Villa

The future of the job market is remote working. Balance your life and enhance your quality of life with our villas for remote work.

We probably don’t need to explain the importance and relevance of work-life balance in today’s busy world.

In Germany, but also in many other countries - stressful daily situations and the need to balance personal and professional life increase the value of remote working whose popularity is growing rapidly. It doesn’t matter if you are working part-time or full-time, because more and more workers are getting opportunities to work from home and, honestly, who would refuse that?

Remote Working - a Synonym for Work-life Balance and Productivity

It does sound like a dream – you work for your company, successfully accomplish all the to-dos and, most importantly, you actually get your inspiration from observing the beautiful Adriatic, sunsets and sunrises that leave you speechless, delicious Mediterranean cuisine and warm people. Yes, we are talking about booking one of our luxury villas on the Adriatic coast. From Kvarner Bay, Istria and down to Dalmatia, you can find a villa suitable for remote working! The name "workation", says it all - it is a combination of "work" and "vacation".

Stunning sunset at Villa Esperia in Sibenik

What seemed completely unreal a few years ago is now a part of the modern job market and is definitely no longer a rarity in different professional groups. It doesn’t matter whether you work in the IT industry, finance, tax advice, design, journalism or something else, because the majority of workers believe that remote working is the future of the workplace. If you are also one of those, then you are absolutely right! This form of work increases the productivity and well-being of employees. Replace the monotonous office, rainy and cloudy weather and seemingly never-ending traffic jams with a sea that seems to encompass every shade of blue on the color gamut, pleasantly warm sunshine no matter which season is and a luxuriously furnished villa with a private pool, jacuzzi, sauna and much more.

With the dominance of digital communication in the workplace and the acceptance of this form of work, you have an incredible opportunity to live a true dream. Get to know the country and its people in a way that is not possible on vacation. Make new acquaintances and friendships. Take your laptop, tablet or smartphone, sit on your villa’s terrace or in a charming local café where you can enjoy the local coffee culture, but still get on with your commitments. Wind down and take a dip in the heated pool or jacuzzi, just a few steps from your workspace. That seems to be the right definition of work-life balance – stressless life with less illnesses and more productivity.   

Inviting living room of Villa Stara on Brac

The Future of Modern Workplace

A trend worth following!

You don't have to jump on the bandwagon of trends, of course, but the growing interest in remote working, at least since the pandemic, is a train worth jumping on. In general, we seem to be moving away from the classic office workplace. This applies to a large number of sectors on the labor market. The desire and interest in home office and remote working among employees as well as the resulting recognition and positive image for the employer who allows it is increasing continuously.

Cozy moments in Villa Panoramica in Labin

We should also make it clear that home office and remote working are not the same thing. One speaks of the home office when one does not work in the office, but the workplace has to be within one's own four walls. This is for insurance reasons and is contractually stipulated by the employer. Remote working means the following: a form of work that is independent of time and location, where the employee can work mobile and flexibly from anywhere he wants. The only requirement is a stable internet connection. Remote working has many advantages -  not only the already mentioned and extremely important work-life balance, but also the flexible working hours and the fact that you no longer need to spend hours traveling to the office.

After all, happy employees make happy employers, so take the initiative and sit down with your employer.

No matter where you come from, be it Germany, Austria or a Scandinavian country - exhaust all the possibilities and increase your quality of life today. Let the "Workation" become your new focus in life.

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