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Discover the Croatian Coast on a Motorcycle

Discover the Croatian Coast on a Motorcycle

Croatia and its coast are a must for all motorcyclists due to its winding roads which lead through the indescribable nature which makes the driving experience a truly unique experience. Find out more about the most beautiful routes along the Adriatic Sea of Croatia.

Curvy roads, an incredible panorama view, breathtaking mountains, green valleys and the turquoise sea… all of this is to be seen as you are speeding on your motorbike on the fantastic coastal routes that Croatia has to offer. In this blog we would like to present you the most beautiful roads on the coast of Croatia. These tours are ideal for all kinds of trips, be it a one-day excursion or a several-day-long journey. Warm up the engine and let’s go together to the Croatian biker paradise.

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General Information about Motorcycling Tours in Croatia

If you want to explore Croatia and its picturesque coast with your motorbike, it is essential to get acquainted with some traffic regulations and peculiarities beforehand so that nothing goes wrong on your holiday. First of all, the Croatian speed limit must be taken into consideration: 60 km/h in urban areas, 90 km/h in areas out of towns; 110 km/h on the highway and 130 km/h on the motorway.

With regard to safety clothing, helmets are compulsory in Croatian, as well as safety vests which the motorcyclists have to have with them. Furthermore, you have to have your lights on throughout the whole day, which is why spare lightbulbs are recommended. Travel documents and vehicle papers must always at hand, as well. Since it can get extremely hot during the Croatian summer, motorbike tours are recommended to be explored in the spring and autumn months, when the streets are fairly empty and there is less traffic.

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Jadranska Magistrala – One of the Most Beautiful Streets in the World

If you have decided to come to the coast of Croatia on your motorbike, the Jadranska Magistrala is just for you! This is a roughly 600 km long coastal road along the Adriatic Sea, which connects Istria with the end of Dalmatia. Jadranska Magistrala takes you directly along the coast of Croatia while on the other side you will be greeted with a majestic mountain range, hidden bays and other delightful places. Furthermore, during the entire journey, you will a gorgeous panorama view of the Adriatic Sea, which is unique after every corner you take.

Jadranska Magistrala Road in Croatia - Adriatic Luxury Villas

In the spring and autumn months this road is not overcrowded with tourists, so you can fully enjoy the route on your motorbike and become one with the road. No matter whether you want to discover Istria, the Kvarner Bay or Dalmatia along the Jadranska Magistrala, every part of the route is unique and offers you pure driving pleasure in addition to the incredible Croatian coast. Enjoy endless freedom during a motorcycle tour on the Jadranska Magistrala, the road that winds between the Adriatic Sea and the mountains on the Croatian coast.

Coastal Road in Croatia - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Start your Motorbike Tour in Zadar

The best way to get to Zadar in the north of Dalmatia is via the Jadranska Magistrala, which makes even the journey to the city a precious highlight of your vacation. If your accommodation is near this historic city, you will have the opportunity to discover this entire gorgeous area on one-day trips.

Discover the Zadar Archipelago with Your Motorbike

Croatia is known for its thousand islands and some of them are just off the coast of Zadar. Islands are ideal for a day trip with your motorbike due to the fact that they offer motorcyclists everything their heart desires: quiet roads, breathtaking panorama views, endless curves and mountains and a beautiful nature. We highly recommended you to explore the islands of Dugi Otok or Pag by motorcycle. Both islands are very different in their appearance, but this does not affect the driving pleasure. The island of Pag is connected to the mainland by a bridge, so that it is extremely convenient to motorcyclists. To get to Dugi Otok you have to take the ferry, so it will take a bit of planning. However, trust me when I say that it is worth it ;)

Road on the Island of Pag in Croatia - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Curvy Roads in Mainland Croatia

Jadranska Magistrala is not the only road in Croatia that is a must for all motorcyclists. There are many more, especially around the Velebit Mountains near Zadar. Explore the Zadar hinterland and take a tour to the Lika region. There the winding roads meander through dense forests, past picturesque places and along fantastic waterfalls of Rastoke, which you can admire from the road.

Brodge over the Rastoke Waterfalls - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Start Your Motorcycle Tour in Sibenik

A little south of Zadar is the culturally rich city of Sibenik. This area differs from the area around Zadar as Sibenik itself was built on a mountain. This offers you a unique panorama from its streets in and around Sibenik and the driving experience very special.

Discover the Nature Beauties around the National Park Krka Waterfalls

The area around Sibenik is known for the National Park Krka Waterfalls which is a river that cuts its way through the nature of Croatia. You can already imagine what this means for motorcyclists. Just like the Krka River, the road meanders through the landscape and leads past gorges, hills, valleys and untouched nature. The area is ideal for a day trip by motorcycle, especially to get to know another side of Croatia.

Motorcycling in Croatia - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Start Your Motorbike Tour in Split

Split is a very popular travel destination among tourists and the city's location is perfect for bikers, as imposing mountains tower around the city, numerous islands lie off the coast of Split and a one-day motorcycle tour seems to be just the thing to get to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Incredible Islands with Breathtaking Motorcycle Roads

As already mentioned, there are numerous large islands off the coast of Split, which can be easily reached due to the good ferry connections. Day trips to the islands of Brac or Hvar are a must for all bikers, because the islands offer everything you need for a perfect day on the two-wheeler: curves, curves, curves. Enjoy the endless streets and let yourself be surprised by a new sight of nature around every corner. Discover the islands of Hvar and Brac and escape with your motorcycle into a new incredible world.

Road on the Island of Brac in Croatia - Adriatic Luxury Villas

The Makarska Riviera: Paradise for all Bikers

The popular tourist town of Makarska is located directly at the foot of the imposing Biokovo Mountain and you can already guess what the view is from above. The road that meanders between the places is the already mentioned Jadranska Magistrala, but other roads are also suitable for a tour. The view of the coast and the islands is just amazing and the roads high up in the mountains are hardly used. You should just make sure to adapt your driving style to the road conditions just to stay safe.

Start Your Motorcycle Tour in Dubrovnik

Jadranska Magistrala can lead you to Dubrovnik at the southernmost tip of Dalmatia and there are one or two other road for bikers to drive on. These are characterized by numerous curves and mountains and nature shows itself in a completely different light that is by no means less breathtaking.

Motorcycling in Croatia - Adriatic Luxury Villas

The Curves of the Coastal Road in Dubrovnik

The coastal road in Dubrovnik offers you a wonderful view of the coast and the nearby islands while riding your motorbike. In the Dubrovnik area you have around 300 km of coastal roads to explore nature and enjoy the driving pleasure. The road is not very busy, especially outside the high season, so you can fully concentrate on the route and enjoy the peace and freedom while driving.

Incredible Routes for Bikers on the Peljesac Peninsula

Not far from Dubrovnik is the beautiful Peljesac peninsula with its beautiful beaches and bays. It has recently become accessible via a bridge, which makes the journey even easier. Peljesac offers roads made for a motorcycle tour, mountains and valleys that make driving more fun and delightful little fishing villages that you can explore during your stops. A new panorama awaits you around every corner and the tranquility on the island is indescribable. So a real paradise for all bikers.

Road on the Peljesac Peninsula

We have now reached the end of our blog and hope that the biker in you will get his money's worth on one of these tours. The number of routes for motorcycle tours in Croatia is really limitless, and the routes can be easily combined and expanded into tours lasting several days. But no matter which route you choose, a motorcycle tour along the coast of Croatia is a real must for all those who are passionate about motorcycling.

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If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Adriatic Luxury Villas is always at your disposal!

Thank you for reading & have a good trip! 😊