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How to get to the Croatian islands by car?

How to get to the Croatian islands by car?

Croatia is an extremely beautiful country with rich history and culture as well as the amazing nature and stunning places, so it would be a real shame not to visit one of our enchanting islands.

You are probably familiar with the fact that Croatia is a country with more than a thousand islands, so trust us when we say that there are also a thousand things to do in this magical country - picturesque towns, historical ruins, exclusive restaurants, secluded beaches and crystal-clear turquoise Adriatic Sea present a great starting point for your next vacation. Visit one of 80 inhabited Croatian islands, immerse yourself in the luxury and comfort and enjoy the rich symphony of island life that will leave you speechless.

Whether you are aiming north or south, you will definitely find something that will sweep you off your feet. Our islands give you an opportunity to completely recharge your batteries and you don’t want to miss that. This year you don’t have to limit yourself by visiting only coastal towns, because our islands are easily reachable and we will help you with this.

Scroll down and find out how to get to the Croatian islands by car. Don't forget to take a look at our rich offer of luxury villas on Croatian islands

Kvarner Bay

Let’s start with the north and Kvarner Bay that proudly offers you the biggest islands in Croatia!


The island of Krk is quite easily reachable because there is a Krk bridge that connects it with the mainland, so enjoy this two minute drive with an amazing view. This bridge is quite important for reaching other islands such as Cres and Lošinj.


Cross the Krk bridge, follow the road and within 30 minutes you will arrive at the Valbiska ferry port. From this port you can take a ferry to the incredible island of Cres. The ferry ride lasts about 30 minutes and you will definitely enjoy the endless blue of the Adriatic Sea.

You can also get to Cres from Istria and the Brestova ferry port that is located on the mainland. The ferry ride is a few minutes shorter than the abovementioned, but you will still have enough time to admire the scenery in the fresh sea air.


Once you’re on Cres, just follow the island’s main road and head to the south. A swing bridge in the town of Osor at the very south of the island connects Cres with the island of Lošinj. And that’s it! You have arrived on the magical island of vitality!


The charming island of Rab can also be easily reached by a ferry and the ride takes almost 20 minutes. Get off the spectacular Adriatic highway and head to Stinica town from which you can take a ferry to the Mišnjak ferry port that is located on the south of the island.

Except for the mainland, the island can also be reached from the island of Krk. You remember the above-mentioned Valbiska ferry port, right? Well, just take a ferry to Lopar and enjoy the 80 minutes ride. You’ll have plenty of time to get tanned even before arriving to your villa!


Drive the scenic Adriatic highway along the sea a bit more and take a turn to a small village called Prizna. From here you can take a ferry ride to Žigljen which is located on the eastern part of the island of Pag.

The island can also be reached by the Pag bridge in the very south of the island, so you can approach it without taking any ferry ride.

Villa Natura on the island of Krk

Dalmatia – The Zadar region

So, let’s continue a bit south. Trust us when we say that you’ll be astonished with the amazing islands that the Zadar region has to offer!


Ugljan, an island full of hidden treasures, can easily be reached from Zadar or, more precisely, the ferry port Gaženica. The ride takes only 20 minutes and you will arrive in the town of Preko that is located in the heart of the island.


The island of Pašman can be reached in two ways. Firstly, you can reach it from Ugljan by crossing the Ždrelac bridge, or you can take a ferry from Biograd na moru. Whichever way you choose, it won’t take you long to reach this stunning island!

Dugi otok

Oh, yes! Dugi otok is one of the Adriatic gems that can only be reached by a ferry and the starting point is the Gaženica ferry port. The ride to Brbinj will take approximately one hour and 40 minutes, so you’ll have plenty of time to relax under the sun.

Incredible Pašman from above

Dalmatia – The Split region

Welcome to the heart of Dalmatia which offers you some of the most famous Croatian islands that you’ve definitely heard of before. But, keep in mind that the ride to these islands takes a bit longer than you’ve probably expected, so bring a good book with you because you’ll have plenty of time to read it.


The biggest Dalmatian island, well-known for Zlatni rat Beach and many sunny days, can be reached by a ferry either from Split or Makarska. Both rides last around one hour, so, before boarding a ferry, choose which part of the island of Brač you’d like to visit because the ferries take you to either Supetar or Sumartin.


The longest Croatian island requires a long ferry ride! Island Hvar or, more precisely, the town of Stari Grad, can be reached by a two-hour ferry ride from Split. If long ferry rides aren’t your thing, continue the ride on the Adriatic highway along the sea, enjoy the scenery and take a ferry from Drvenik to Sucuraj. The ride is much shorter than the previous one and takes around 35 minutes.


Speaking of long rides… You’ll have to be a bit more patient if you are planning to visit lovely Korčula Island by car. The ferry ride from Split to Vela Luka takes around 3 hours, but it will be worth it once you step on this dalmatian gem.

You can avoid the long ferry ride if you decide to reach the island from the Peljesac peninsula. Take a ferry from Orebic to the town of Korcula that is located in the northeast of the island.


This small natural paradise, the island of Vis, is the most remote Dalmatian island, so you’ll need a total of two hours and twenty minutes to get to the town of Vis from Split.


Last but not least, the Island Mljet, the so-called Green Island full of untouched nature, can be reached in 45 minutes by ferry from Prapratno ferry port. Be careful not to miss a ferry to Sobra, because this incredible island will surely take your breath away!

Villa Mila on the island of Brač

So, it is not that difficult to reach the Croatian islands, right? Just take a look at the timetable and be there at least 30-45 minutes before the departure, because it can get quite crowded in the high season.

And yes! Don’t worry if you are not a fan of ferry rides, because some of the Croatian islands can be reached by a bridge. We have already mentioned Krk and Pag, but there are also Vir, Murter and Čiovo that are only a few meters away from the mainland, so you won’t even have a feeling like you are approaching an island.

Croatian islands should not be missed! Contact us and book a luxury villa with a private pool on one of our enchanting islands!