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Best Olive Oils from Istria

Best Olive Oils from Istria

Did you know that Istria is the best region for growing olives in the world? And for the sixth year in a row! The popular publication Flos Olei shared its opinion on olive growers and the quality of their oil, and this year the list of the 500 best olive oils in the world includes as many as 77 oils from Istria.

What does the Istrian peninsula have that other regions do not have or do not use in the best way? The answer is the special composition of its soil and the low temperatures that allow the olives to shorten the vegetation, while the accumulation of oil in the olive fruit begins later than in the southern areas where temperatures degrade its quality.

In this blog we will present you some of the highest quality Istrian extra virgin olive oils, oils with intense taste and aroma with tones of different herbs and flavors of the Mediterranean.

Oleum viride Belić, oils for ultimate gourmet delights

Oleum viride Belić, virgin olive oil that is at the very top of the list of the best oils in the world according to Flos Olei, can be proud of its magnificent green color, rich taste and aroma and abundance of varietal characteristics. Which one would you choose: grilled vegetables with Buža, salad with Vodnjanska Crnica olive oil or cake with bitter chocolate, hazelnuts and Istrian Bjelica? The Belić family recommends 14 of its varietal oils, while 25 prestigious world awards and twenty years of experience speak of its quality.

Oleum viride Belić extra virgin olive oil - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Ipša, golden virgin drops

On the Croatian and world gastronomic map you will surely come across this name, and if you go to northwestern Istria you will run into the village Ipši surrounded by rich olive groves. The village boasts one of the most modern oil mills which produces golden drops of the highest quality olive oil. The Ipša family was among the first to start picking olives by variety, and today it has four types of extra virgin olive oils in its range, of which three are monovarietal (Frantoio, Leccino and Istrian Bjelica) and the fourth is a coupage olive oil - Selection.

Ipša extra virgin olive oil - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Mate, aromatic Istrian liquid gold

Dedication to cultivating olives, expertise in its manufacturing process and suitable climatic and ambient conditions are responsible for the quality of extra virgin olive oil Mate. The expert jury also recognized this, which is why this oil found itself in the company of the best in the world. On the coast between the bay of Dajla and Savudrija cape, the varieties Frantoio, Leccino and Pendolino are cultivated, as well as the autochthonous Buža, Istrian Bjelica and Carbonaca, whose olives give fruit juices rich in aromas and flavors of the Istrian climate.

Mate Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Oio de Buščina, a healer from the olive groves in Umag

You will find these olive groves at the highest point of the town of Umag in Buščini. They hide 12 varieties of olives organically produced with modern production technology. Whether you choose Bjelica with its extra spiciness, Buža with a more pronounced fresh aroma and pleasant bitterness, Črnica with its sweet taste and aroma or Selection, a top organic product which is obtained from the first harvest of the new organic olive groves and which mixes 9 types of olives, you will not make a mistake with Oio de Buščina olive oils. These extra virgin olive oils are in the company of the 20 best olive oils in the world for a reason!

Oio de Buščina Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Meloto, Vodnjan’s golden elixir

From the family olive house in Vodnjan comes one of the most valued and regularly awarded extra virgin olive oil – Meloto. From the autochthonous fruit flavored Buža of Vodnjan, over the bitter Žižolere to the intensely spicy Rosulja, these olive oils are imbued with tones of chicory and artichoke and scents of freshly cut grass, while the ubiquitous note of apple gives them a unique freshness. The olive is a symbol of loyalty and fidelity, and the way the family Belci reciprocates it is with long-term care for every tree and fruit that results in high quality oil and leads to mutual satisfaction.

Meloto Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Adriatic Luxury Villas

BM Buršić, autochthonous taste of Istria

Olive is a Mediterranean plant, so it requires a lot of light and air, and these conditions are met by the sunny spacious hills of Nova Vas towards the valley of the river Mirna, which abound in olive groves of the Buršić family. In its green-yellow palette of extra virgin olive oils, it offers the autochthonous Buža with balsamic notes of rosemary, mint, celery, green banana, semi-ripe tomatoes and almonds; the clear green Leccino with a strong aroma, chicory and cut grass, which is especially pronounced in vegetable dishes; the Istrian Bjelica with a complex taste that complements boletus dishes; Pendolino which pairs perfectly with chocolate cakes; and a selection of De Kleva – a combination of five types of olives.

BM Buršić Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Negri, olive oil for aristocratic pleasures

On the eastern coast of the Istrian peninsula, in a unique geographical position and on special soil, grow olives marked by the noble note of the Negri family. The "noble" extra virgin olive oil is a mixture of the indigenous Istrian olive varieties Buža and Istrian Bjelica, and Italian varieties Leccino and Pendolino. This successfully balanced blend launched Negri oil among the world’s best oils. The interesting history of family olive growing and the taste of their final product tickles the imagination, awakens feelings and creates a craving for a few golden drops in the dish in every olive lover.

Negri Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Salvela, a taste of Roman tradition

Salvela extra virgin olive oil is a product of olive groves located in the unique locality of Barbariga, a peninsula bathed by the sea on three sides, and which boasts a continuous history of producing oils of the highest quality since Roman times. It entered the bible of olive oils, Flos Olei, due to its rich aroma, specific freshness, pronounced bitterness and spiciness, and took its place among the best. Salvela comes in 8 varieties (Buža, Picholine, Puntoža, Rosignola and others) and is unquestionably the best souvenir you can bring from Novigrad.

Salvela Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Chiavalon, carefully designed taste quality

The olive tree, queen of all the trees, has found its way to the heart of the Istrian Chiavalon family. With suitable climatic conditions and top experts, one of the best Croatian and world-wide extra virgin olive oils was created. Their olive grove is adorned with monosortic oils which are then mixed, resulting in an excellent blend of all varieties. Let yourself be enchanted firstly by the packaging design which is showcased in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, and then indulge in the refined scent of olive oil enriched with balsamic notes of mint, rosemary, sage and a pronounced almond characteristic.

Chiavalon Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Adriatic Luxury Villas

Baioco, the taste of herbs, the smell of the Mediterranean

An oil mill that sees the future of olive growing in sustainability and ecology has located its olive groves in an enviable location. They are surrounded by marjoram, thyme, various aromatic plants and hawthorn with fragrant airy white flowers, so their fruits take on the aromas of Mediterranean herbs. This production of premium olive oil is interwoven with tradition, enriched with modern technology and spiced with ecology that is recognized by many experienced palates who have placed Baioco oils among the best. In their olive oil you can smell the beautiful Istrian region and the taste the gently treated fruits.

Baioco Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Adriatic Luxury Villas

With this review of the 10 best extra virgin olive oils in Istria, we have surely made you mouth water! Already during the next visit to this fairy-tale peninsula, you will have the opportunity to visit the most beautiful Croatian olive groves and participate in unforgettable taste tests of top-quality golden drops.

We have no doubt that this magnificent food will complete the experience of staying in one of our gorgeous villas in Istria and throughout the Croatian coast.

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