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Luxury Villa Rental FAQ

Welcome to our FAQ page, where we aim to address your queries and make your experience with our luxury villa rentals in Croatia as seamless as possible. Let's explore the essentials together!

General Information About Villa Rental

Discover all the essential information as you embark on your search for the perfect luxury villa in Croatia.

What is a luxury villa?

Luxury villa is a modern and typically spacious residence, often equipped with high-end amenities and designed for a comfortable lifestyle. Luxury villas are often strategically situated in secluded and exclusive locations with amazing views, which offers you unparalleled privacy. Apart from sophisticated and modern design, luxury villas provide great facilities such as private pools, jacuzzis, saunas, gyms or even sports fields that are exclusive to you. 

What types of luxury villas do you offer?

We offer a diverse range of luxury villas, each designed to cater to various preferences and needs. Our portfolio includes seaside retreats, hillside villas with panoramic views, charming countryside estates, and more. Whether you seek modern elegance or traditional charm, we have the perfect villa to enhance your Croatia experience.

Where are your luxury villas located in Croatia?

Our luxury villas are strategically situated along the enchanting Adriatic coasts and the islands. No matter which destination you choose, we are sure you won't regret it.

What is the best way to choose the right luxury villa for me?

Choosing the right villa for you is a personalized process. Start by considering your preferences, such as location, amenities, and villa size. Explore our detailed villa descriptions, images, and customer reviews on our website to get a comprehensive understanding. Additionally, feel free to reach out to our customer support team for personalized assistance in selecting the perfect villa that aligns with your unique preferences and requirements. We will do our best to find a perfect villa for you that completely matches your criteria!

How do I know what a particular villa includes?

You can easily discover the features of each villa by visiting the page of a particular villa, where a comprehensive list of amenities is listed in the Highlights section. There is also a text which completely describes the interior, exterior as well as the surrounding area of the villa with plenty of advice on how to fulfill your free time. Additionally, you can visually explore the villa through accompanying pictures, providing a thorough understanding of the included offerings.

How can I ask a question about renting a luxury villa?

Click on Contact in the right corner and send us a message. If you have a question about a specific villa, open that villa, look below the calendar, and click on Send inquiry.
You can always send us an email at info@adriaticluxuryvillas.com. Our agents will reply as soon as possible.

Are there any discounts available when renting a luxury villa?

Of course there are! Please check our Special offer category where you can find all the villas that currently provide a discount.

What are the check-in and check-out times in the villa?

Check-in and check-out time depend on the villa and it will be provided to you in the voucher. In the majority of villas check-in is usually after 4PM and check-out before 10AM. However, if you wish to check in or check out at different time, please inform us, so that we can contact the owner and see if it is possible to make an exception.

Is there a minimum night stay requirement for a villa?

It depends on the villa and the season in which you are planning to book. In the high season the minimum stay in the majority of villas is 7 nights and they can mostly be booked from Saturday to Saturday. The minimum stay out of season varies between 3 to 5 nights.

What is a refundable security deposit and when do I pay it?

A refundable security deposit is a sum of money which is paid on arrival and will be returned to you on the last day of your stay if nothing is damaged in the villa. The majority of our villas require the refundable security deposit and the amount varies between 200 € and 2000 €. The exact amount of the refundable security deposit for the desired villa will be shown to you during the booking process.

Do I share my villa with someone else?

No, you don’t share your villa with anyone else. It is available exclusively to you!

However, there is a small offer of the apartments within the villas. If you choose an apartment, you will probably share the building entrance and the outdoor area including the pool or jacuzzi, while the apartment is available only to you.

Can I contact you about luxury villa rental in any other language except for English?

Of course! Our agents are fluent in Croatian, English, German, Italian and Russian.

Booking Process - What Do I Need to Know Before Booking a Villa?

Let's walk you through the important details for a worry-free experience as you plan your luxury villa getaway in Croatia! Your journey to an unforgettable vacation starts with a few easy clicks.

How do I book a luxury villa?

After you have found the villa that completely matches your criteria, you can book it directly from its page. 

If you are using desktop version of our website, select the dates in the calendar on the right side and click Book now. You will get information about the price as well as payment method and payment plan. In addition, all the additional payments will be shown to you. Choose the desired payment method, fill in the contact information form with your data, and click on Pay reservation.

If you are using your mobile phone, click on Book now at the bottom of the screen. You will automatically be directed to the calendar. Choose the dates and click on Book now. Scroll down, choose the desired payment method, fill in the contact information form with your data and click on Pay reservation.

How can I pay for a villa?

You can pay by credit card or bank transfer. Some of the villas also accept paying the remaining amount in cash. That will be shown to you when you proceed with your booking.

If you choose to pay by credit card, you will have to enter your credit card number as well as other necessary data. Your payment will be done via the secure online system WSPay, so you don't have to worry about your safety.

If you decide to pay using bank transfer, you will get the necessary payment instructions on your email, so don't forget to check it on time!

How much do I need to pay now when booking a villa?

When you proceed with your booking, a payment plan with the total price will occur. The advance payment, which is usually 30% of the total price, should be paid immediately in order to reserve the villa. Keep in mind that every villa has a different payment plan which will be shown to you during the booking. 

If you are making a last minute reservation (your arrival is in less than 30 days), you should pay 100% of the price now.

When do I need to pay the rest for a villa rental?

The remaining payment should usually be done 30 days before your arrival. You will get a remaining payment reminder from us to pay the balance with all the instructions. Keep in mind that every villa has a different payment plan and requests which will be shown to you during the booking.

In what time should I make the payment if I have decided to pay using Bank Transfer?

You should make the payment within 24 hours and send us a payment confirmation to info@adriaticluxuryvillas.com. As soon as we receive the payment, we will send you your voucher which confirms your reservation. 

How will I know if there are any other additional charges in the villa?

Additional charges are shown below the price list of the villa and will also occur during the booking process. In addition, they will be written in your voucher as well. These usually include final cleaning, pets, tourist tax etc. and are paid in cash on arrival. If none of them are mentioned, that means that there are no additional charges.

Booking Process - What Do I Need to Know After Booking a Villa?

Congratulations on securing your dream villa! Let's ensure a smooth transition from reservation to arrival.

Will I get any confirmation after booking a villa?

Of course! After you have successfully paid the advance payment, one of our team members will contact you and send you a voucher with all the necessary information regarding your booking. After receiving a remaining payment reminder and paying the rest, you will get another voucher as a confirmation that you have paid the total price of your booking. 

When will I receive the exact address of the villa or the contact of the host?

Approximately a week before your arrival you will receive all the necessary information regarding your booking on email. The information will include the exact address, coordinates and a google maps link in order to make sure that you find your villa easily. You will also get the check-in time as well as the phone number of the host who will meet you at the villa.

Who will meet me and hand me the keys of the villa?

The host will meet you and hand you the keys of the villa at the previously agreed time. You will receive the host's number approximately a week before your arrival. 

Specific Information About Luxury Villa Rental

Let's get acquainted with the features, services, rules, and any special considerations for our villas. 

What are the facilities that we can use at the villa?

All villas are unique and they offer different facilities. The most prominent feature is a private swimming pool, while the other facilities include a jacuzzi, sauna, gym, entertainment rooms, children playground, fields or tennis courts.

Can I throw a party at the villa?

There are certain house rules that must be respected when staying at the villa. You should talk to the owner and wait for permission, if you wish to throw a party.

We are a young group. Can we also book a villa?

Not all villas accept the young groups, so you should inform us about your age when booking a villa. The villas that do not accept the young groups will have it written below the price list.

Is parking available at the villa? 

Of course! There are parking spaces and garages available to you depending on which villa you choose. The exact information can be found in the villa’s description or, more precisely, in the paragraph describing the exterior. If you were not able to find that information, please contact us and we will provide necessary information. 

Do I need to pay for the parking at the villa? 

Parking is free of charge in the majority of our villas. Sometimes the owners may charge if there is an extra vehicle, but the exact information will be written below the price list and in your voucher.

When do I pay for the facilities that should be paid additionally?

All the other facilities that should be paid additionally are paid in cash to the owner on arrival.

Is there assistance available if issues arise during my stay in the villa?

If anything occurs, you can contact the owner of the villa, but we also remain at your disposal at any time. 

Do I share my pool with someone else?

The majority of the pools in our villas are private and not shared with anyone. If there is a pool that is shared with someone else, it will be written in the villa description.

Are all pools at the villas heated?

Not all pools are heated. If they are, it will be written in the highlights as 'heated pool'. Keep in mind that the pools are not heated in summer since it is warm enough.

Is pool heating at the villa extra charged?

It depends on the villa and the period in which you choose to heat the pool. Extra charge for pool heating will be written below the price list or in your voucher. 

Is it possible to heat a pool in spring or autumn?

Every villa with a heated pool has different rules. Some of the villas have periods when pool heating is available written below the price list as well as its price if there is an additional charge.

However, pool heating mostly depends on the external factors and weather condition. If the weather is bad and cold, it will not be possible to heat the pool to the wished temperature, no matter how long you heat it. Therefore, it is always good to check that information with us or with the owner of the villa if you are already there. 

Is it allowed to bring our pets to the villa?

Many of our villas are pet-friendly. If a villa is pet-friendly, it will be written in the highlights section of the particular villa.

Take a look at our rich offer of pet-friendly villas.

Are there any luxury villas suitable for children?

Of course! Some of our villas provide baby cot, high chair, kids tableware, children’s pool and playground; therefore, they are an ideal choice for families! 

Take a look at our rich offer of family friendly villas.

Are bed linen, towels, dishes included in the price when booking a villa?

Yes, they are included.

Is final cleaning included in the price when booking a villa?

Final cleaning is included in the price for many villas. However, if the final cleaning is not included, it will be written below the price list and when making a reservation. In addition, it will also be written on your voucher.

Keep in mind that you should leave the villa in the same condition as you have found it. If you leave the villa completely untidy, the owner has a right to charge you extra for additional cleaning. 

How do I pay final cleaning?

Final cleaning is usually paid directly to the owner in cash on arrival. That information will be written below the price list, when making a reservation and on your voucher.


If you haven't found the answer you've been looking for, please contact us and we will help you with everything you need when it comes to the luxury villa rental in Croatia! :)