06.05.2018 Wings for Life World Run - Zadar 2018

Fifth year in a row it stands for one of the most inspiring events in the world. Not only it motivates but at the same time it brings a lot of fun. 


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It all started 7 years ago, somewhere at the Moscow airport, with a simple idea put in the words: "What would happen if we could move the world?" And everybody, no matter where in the world they are or are they athletes, casual joggers, newbies or wheelchair users, no matter is it a day or night, bright sun or pouring rain at their location – could they run together with the world and share an amazing experience?


How it works?

One day in the year WFLWR takes place on multiple locations across the world and everybody starts at the same time – 11am UTC. What distinguishes this race from all the others is the fact that you don't  chase the finish line but the finish line chases you! Half an hour after you start.  Catcher Car sets off, and chases participants along the course, gradually getting faster until the last participant is caught.

WFLWR is a non-profit organisation and every cent raised from the entry fees and all donations go directly to spinal cord research projects.


Can't make it to any of event locations??

Don't worry, it's still possible to be a part of this global movement. You just have to install the Wings for Life World Run App and you will be chased by the Virtual Catcher Car at the same time with all other runners around the world. Also, trough the app, you can find other people near you, so you can group up and run together.


We are proud that Zadar, along side by side with Rio de Janeiro, Melbourn, Vienna and many others, for the fifth year in the row was one of the starting point for WFLWR. If you pay attention to the ratio of number of participants and population of a country, Croatia and Zadar`s Wings for Life are first ones in the world.

6th of May 2018, exactly at 1pm local time, in our beautiful, sun bathed Zadar, the unbelievable number of 8500 made the effort for those who couldn't. It was very emotional and inspiring moment to witness!

From the starting point on Liburnian coast, across the Adriatic highway, all the way to Primošten, where only the toughest will end the race.

This was a huge promotion for Zadar and once again amazing event to brought so many people in our town and made beginning of this season much more alive.

See you next year!

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